10 Most Beautiful and Elegant Tattoo Ideas for Women


Have you been contemplating on getting a tattoo lately?

Tattoos have been around ever since civilization began. They were worn like gems and valued as if they were precious stones or belongings. The reason was that, tattoos had meanings for different cultures. In both western and Asian cultures, tattoos often signified social status and role in the community. Sometimes, people were marked based on their observed personalities or earned stature as are the Red Indians of America. In other instances, people adorned their bodies with tattoos to mark religious beliefs or, even drive away evil spirits.

Today, tattoos may be worn for very different reasons but, most people who decide to get them want to make their endeavor worthwhile and try to get a meaning, a special thing etched on their bodies.

Well, you know you better be certain you want to get it done because it will stay on your skin for a very, very long time. Unlike makeup, it’s not something that you can choose to wipe or blot out if and when you choose to. Although lasers are now used to erase permanent tattoos, they still do leave a mark, can be very expensive, and not to mention, damaging to your skin.

Things To Consider When Getting A Tattoo

Getting A Tattoo

When you have made up your mind and have decided you do want to get that tattoo, think about the following considerations before you rush and get it done on you:
1. Design. If you want your tattoo to be meaningful, think hard about what design you’d like done on you. Some want their names or the names of their loved ones drawn on their hearts. Color, font type, and even how it’s presented will other considerations you may have to think about too. It will be best if you can bring a computer print out of the design you want done so you can be certain you’re getting your tattoo done exactly the way you want it.

2. Placement. Symbols and placement – sometimes they go together. On which part of your body would you like to see your tattoo drawn? Tattoos on ladies are sexiest when put on the most sensual parts of a woman’s body, and that includes the back of the ears, wrists, upper part of the breast, hips, navel, lower back, bums, and ankles.

3. Where You Will Get Your Tattoo Done. Choose a hygienic place to get your tattoo on. Not only cleanliness important but, you want a guarantee that all the gadgets that will be used are properly sanitized. Keep in mind that there are many infections that can be transmitted with body piercing and tattooing tools, such as needles and syringes, and HIV is one of them.

Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Your Name. Even more creatively, you might wish to have your name written in another language, such as in Japanese or Chinese characters.
2. A Loved One’s Name. These sorts of tattoos are expressions of how significant a person is to us. You will just have to be more careful that you’re not putting on the name of a fling. How about your mother’s name maybe?
3. A Verse From The Bible. One of the most popular verses from the Bible is John 3:16 which reads, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. Another popular verse for married couples is Mark 10:9 which reads, “What God has joined together, let man not separate”. If you practice another religion, take a verse from your holy book or teaching and get it written down on you.
4. A Quote From Your Favorite Author Or Public Personality. These can serve as personal reminders too, most especially if you need a little bit of inspiration to move mountains. Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. The iconic Audrey Hepburn was quoted saying, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
5. Religious Symbols. Religion can be such a powerful companion when you need strength and guidance to envelop you – if, you believe in one. If you’re a Roman Catholic, choose the cross or angels or a specific saint.
6. A Significant Date. Want to somehow freeze a memorable date? Have it etched on your skin and you will never for a day forget it for as long as you live.
7. Birds. Birds have great symbolisms attached to them but, most especially that of freedom.
8. Heart. Always popular with the ladies, the heart is a natural favorite when it comes to tattooing too.
9. Butterfly. Another ladies’ favorite! The butterfly is a powerful symbolism of transformation – a metamorphosis. It’s very nature is whimsical and the execution is always beautiful.
10. An Intricate Design. For this, you will most definitely have to be certain of the design because, chances are, this design will be big! Have a tribal pattern etched, and make sure to research well what those patterns mean.


Tattooing is not for everyone. Once you’ve decided that it’s for you, put a lot of thought into what you want done because tattoos do become part of you and of who you are.


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