10 Concealer Hacks Makeup Artists Think You Should Know


We know how much you love learning a few easy DIY tips from the experts about how you can make the most from and the best use of your makeup. Probably the most important hacks you’ll ever learn are the ways you can use your concealer in more ways than one. Turn your concealer into the super beauty product it already is – well, if only you knew how, and after treading this write up, we promise you will.

What you should know first is that concealers come in a variety of textures for coverage. You’ll find pen correctors for heavy coverage, and liquid correctors for lighter coverage. They also come in different colors to cancel out the appearance of skin imperfections. Green concealers cancel out the red in blemishes and pimples. Peach and orange concealers cancel out the dark bluish color of dark under eye circles. Nude color is for light skin imperfections.

Top 10 Concealer Hacks You Never Knew Were Possible

Here are 10 of the most useful concealer hacks you should know:

1. Use Your Concealer As A Color Corrector Cream

Concealer as a Color Corrector

If you don’t have any serious color correcting to do, what’s the use of getting a separate CC cream? All you need is your concealer in your skin shade. Mix in a liquid eye shadow in peach or orange to correct overly dark and bluish under eye circles. Use a u-shaped concealer brush for precise and accurate coverage.

If you have just a slightly discolored patch on your skin, use two shades of concealers. For darker discolorations, use two shades of concealers- one that is in your natural skin color, and one that is one shade lighter. Use the lighter concealer on the darker patch of skin, and the other in your skin tone around the dark patch. If your discolored patch is lighter, trade the lighter shade with a darker one, and do the same technique.

2. Hide Pimple Marks: Dot your pimple or red blemishes with a green concealer then top it and the area around it with a concealer that matches your skin color.

3. Make Your Own Concealer

Make Your Own Concealer

So what happens if you’ve ran out of this beauty product that does wonders? You turn to your liquid foundations and loose powders. If you’re using liquid foundation for this hack, put a drop at the back of your hand and blend in loose powder in a similar shade or, use baby powder to texturize the foundation and solidify it a little more so as to create better consistency that favors coverage.

4. Use To Shape Your Lip Line: Line the outer edge of your lips with concealer to pull up your lips. Then, apply your lipstick.

5. Make Your Lips Fuller and Poutier

Make Your Lips Fuller And Poutier

Put concealer on the middle portion of your upper and lower lips. to make this part pop out. Then, top with your lipstick. This trick works best with red and nude lipstick shades.

6. Turn On The Matte. Where you want to end with a matte finish, whether for your lips or your eye shadow, put on concealer in your natural skin tone first. Then, top up the color again with the lightest concealer you can get your hands on and blend it in.

7. Get An Instant Eye and Brow Lift. Line the top side and underside of your eyebrows with a concealer in your natural skin tone before filling in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. This trick instantly lifts your eyebrows and makes it look firmer. Do a similar trick with your eyes to complete the more youthful skin you’re aiming for. Start by taking a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Line the creases on your eyes to instantly lift the lines by helping the tone catch up with your natural skin tone. Apply the same to your bottom eyelids.

8. Use Your Concealer As A Contouring Makeup. Take two concealers, one that two shades lighter and another that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Draw the lighter shade in areas likely to catch more light like the top sides of your nose and the area on your forehead just above this area of your nose, the temples of your cheeks and the highest part of your jaw. Draw the darker shade on hollow areas of your bone structure to amp up the shadows and give your face a nice contour.

9. Show Off A Sexy Decolléte. Using the same trick as in Item 8 above, highlight the top of your bones with the lighter concealer, and the undersides of it with the darker concealer to give you a nice, firmed up decolléte.

10. Prime Your Eyelids With A Concealer Before Putting On Your Eyeshadow. This simple trick uses the concealer as an eye primer that helps keep eye shadow color in place and keeps the color from falling off.

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So, make it a point to keep your concealers close to you. After all, concealers were made for exactly these kinds of hacks that turn your most challenging skin imperfections into your best assets.


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