10 Hair Spray Hacks That Beauty Experts Love to Use


Hair Spray has been closely associated with the 80s – curled, tissed, full volume hair in a stiff pile of rubble on top of banded heads, complemented by heavy makeup of blue eye shadows and bright red lips, and an unforgivable array of silver necklaces, bangles and danglings! Always associated with the hideous fashion and the cool, unforgettable pop culture of the 80s, people have since forgotten most good things about hair spray.

Here, we look back – no, not to the era that gave us Madonna and Michael Jackson – but, to the practical uses of hair spray which, even the most sought after celebrity stylists today still recommend. We’re sure you’ll spot more than one surprising use of hair spray you didn’t know before reading this post.

10 Practical uses of hair spray

Below are conventional and not so conventional uses of hair spray to solve both your beauty routine and other practical, daily issues:

  • Keep hair in place and make loose hair strands behave better. The first and foremost use of hair spray remains to be to keep your hairstyle in place. There is still nothing that holds that hair style together for longer than a good spritz of hair spray.
  • Keep slick and slippery hair accessories and shimmery glitters in place. Shimmer and glam hair jewels are fashionable hair trends these days. Keep your sleek clips and even your tiaras in place by spraying them with hair spray. The product helps make your hair accessories less slippery, and more likely to stay in place. Use hair spray on top of glitters too. This will help freeze and hold your hairstyle, and keep you sparkling throughout the night!
  • Keep eyebrows in place. Don’t spray the product directly on your eyes! Spray some product on your finger tips then, apply to your eyebrows while still wet. Not only does this trick keep your eyebrows in place or carefully shaped, it also adds volume to your eyebrows – which is particularly important when you have overly thin eyebrows.
  • Spray For Daily Beauty Routine
  • Add volume to your eyelashes. As with your eyebrows, never make the mistake of directly applying hair spray on your eyelashes. When doing your eyelashes, use the curler a couple of times then, heat with your blowdryer and press down again. Do the same for both sides of your eyes. As soon as you’re done, pick up your hair spray and spray some on your lash curler. Then, press down on your eyelashes again. Take care not to get your curler in contact with your eyes, Do the same for the other side. This action not only keeps your eyelashes curled but also, adds considerable volume to your eyelashes.
  • Stop runs in your pantyhose and tights. Where you see you runs and scratches in your pantyhose and tights, spray on a little hair spray to stop the tearing. This helps you keep your beauty props in shape and in good condition for longer.
  • Let dry nail polish more quickly. When there is absolutely need to dry your nail polish faster, hair spray works so much better and more instantly than your oil-based quick dry polish. It’s also good to note that nail polish will not cause your nail polish to bubble.
  • Stop stains from progressing. Where you see lipstick on fabric or if you accidentally spilled red wine on your light colored dress, apply hair spray immediately. This action stops the stain from spreading any further and, in the case of lipstick and other makeup stains, hold and help lift up the stain as soon as you take off the coat of hair spray. Wash garment regularly as usual, and as soon as possible.
  • Blunt sharp edges. Make sharp edges less prone to accidentally causing scratches by coating these with hair spray. This trick comes in handy when you have cosmetic tools that have loose edges that may cause you to accidentally scratch yourself or run your dress.
  • Extend the life of cut flowers. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Fresh, colorful flowers instantly perks up anybody’s mood and helps brighten up your room. It’s important to keep flowers fresh. To make your cut flowers last longer, spritz some hair spray on the underside of leaves and petals. Be careful not to use too much as excessive product spraying may also suffocate your beautiful, fresh flowers and cause it to wilt earlier.
  • Protect homemade arts and crafts. Preserve the color of your artistry and protect the surfaces of your personal arts and crafts by spraying a little bit of hair spray an arm’s away from your artwork’s surfaces to keep hair spray from leaving unsightly spray marks on your artwork.


There’s more to hair spray than just achieving that 80s hair style when you have an 80s get up party to attend to! Now that you know how to make both stylish and practical uses for hair spray, it will be good to keep it handy, just in case you find immediate need for it later today or tomorrow or the day after that.


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