10 Makeup Tips And Tricks for Women for the Coming New Year


Besides being an art, make up has also become an unavoidable thing in a woman’s life. But there are many factors to be considered regarding make up. These range right from purchasing the makeup product to applying them on the face. But the new-year is approaching, making it the time to experience a change as well as create a new trend. A few makeup tips are detailed below for women for this New Year.

  1. You and your friends and loved ones know that some feature of your face look beautiful. This may be your nose, eyes, or even your lips or eyebrows or some other feature on your face. Once you highlight those special features, you are able to add extra points to your beauty. Thus, you need to concentrate on accentuating your best feature.
  2. face look beautifulEyes Look Open
  3. Never apply too much of make-up on your face, as this may result in fast shrinking of your skin. Making your eyes, cheeks or lips look dramatic may take away your beauty as it will come out overdone, and thus needs to be avoided.
  4. When you apply eye make-up, it is advisable to use a friable powder before you apply mascara. Simply powder your eyelashes a little and then you should apply mascara to make your eye lashes look thick and feathery. Once you apply white pearly eye-shadows on the internal eye corner, besides the upper and lower eye lid, it will make your eyes look open as well as shining.
  5. In case you want a long lasting make-up, apply foundation on clean skin without using any kind of make-up base. Then apply powder and then blusher. Next, you need to rub your face with ice cubes by using circular motions till the ice melts.
  6. Before you apply make-up, ensure that your skin is fresh as well as clean. In order to ensure this, mix lemon juice with some water and then apply this on your face. Apply your make-up above this. In case you have done a neck treatment in order to make it shine, then wear a silver necklace or chain to make people look at your neck. Same applies to earrings too. Wear sterling silver ornaments, in order to attract people towards looking at your polished neck and face often.
  7. Polished Neck and FaceLip Gloss
  8. Also, pencil your eyes after you have applied foundation and powder on your eye-lids. In case you wish to pencil your eyes first, then just do it roughly before you begin the make-up process. But it is important to highlight it again, once you have completed the entire make-up.
  9. Before you apply lip-stick, always apply a thin layer of powder or foundation on your lips and then pencil them. After this, add lipstick by using a brush. Moisten your lips now and then by using a tissue or lip gloss, to ensure that your lipstick lasts long.
  10. Every woman does not have big and attractive eyes. In that case, they need to apply foundation on the dark area by using a brush. In order to make the foundation less noticeable, it can be mixed with any moisturizing face cream in the proportion of 3:2.
  11. The maintenance of your eye-brows is important as they brighten up your face even without using any make up. Once you have been able to find the right shape for your brows, maintain it and get it shaped each time that your eye-brows grow. Never let it grow too much, as you may miss the shape otherwise.
  12. And finally, the most important thing required is your self-confidence. You can try more and more styles of make-up in order to know which one suits you the most. Ensure that you feel comfortable with the make-up that you have chosen.

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