10 Stylish Christmas Gifts For The Man In Your Life


It is the season of holiday cheer and gift giving because Christmas is right around the corner! Although this is a magical and wonderful time of year it can also be very stressful. You want to make sure that you are giving the important people in your life gifts that represent how much you love and appreciate them. One of the most difficult gifts to purchase is a gift for the man in your life. You want it to be something that is practical but also something that is fun and festive. If you are struggling with what to buy him it is your lucky day because we are about to give you ten awesome and stylish gift ideas for you main man!

1. A Computer Bag

These days almost everyone needs a laptop. Whether the man in your life is working or in school he will benefit from a stylish new laptop bag. Something that you carry every day should make a positive statement. Instead of putting his laptop in a worn out briefcase or backpack he will have an updated bag to carry with him every day.

2. A Polaroid Camera

A Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras were the latest technology in the 80’s and although we’ve certainly come a long way since then in terms of technology disposable cameras are back in and they make a great gift. They come in a variety of colors so you can customize it to his favorite color and you can get them online and in stores as well. This is a gift that will also be great for you because the two of you can snap photos of your time together and instantly have printed versions that you can cherish forever.

3. A Record Player

A record player is another piece of retro technology that never seems to go out of style. There is just something eternally classy about having a record player. Not only does it perform a practical function by playing music but it also adds a great aesthetic touch to a room. Don’t forget to pick up a few records to go along with this gift!

4. A Men’s Magazine Subscription

Getting someone a magazine subscription is a great gift because it is affordable. They are also awesome because the person that you give the gift to will think of you every month when their magazine comes in the mail. There are so many men’s magazines that you can choose from that will provide the man in your life with style, health, and lifestyle tips.

5. A Formal Coat


You can give the man in your life a nice coat that they can wear on dressy occasions. You could for a wool coat, a trench style coat, or any one that catches your eye. This is a good gift because it is practical but something that he may not buy himself. It is also fitting for the winter season.

6. A Carry On Suitcase

These days most people skip checking bags. It’s much easier and cheaper take the free option by traveling light with a carry on suitcase. If the man in your life is traveling with an old, outdated carry on buy him one with style for Christmas. If he is daring you could go for one with a print, or if he prefers basics you could buy a carry on that is a solid color or made of leather.

7. Monogramed Cufflinks

Monogramed Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a traditional Christmas gift that never goes out of style. Buying someone cufflinks gives them something that they can accessorize a formal outfit with. Getting them monogrammed is an extra step that makes the gift so much more personal and special. It really shows that you put effort and care into the gift.

8. A Nice Button Down Shirt

This is another classic. You can’t go wrong with buying a man a button down. There are so many ways that he can wear this wardrobe staple and so many different occasions that he can wear it to. He can wear it to work, out to dinner, or to a party. Buy him one that has a special touch like a print on the collar, or in a color that he doesn’t already have.

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9. A Leather Jacket

A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are eternally stylish. If you want to splurge on your man’s present this would make a fabulous gift. He can dress it up or down and a high quality leather jacket can last a lifetime.

10. Home Décor Items

If your man needs something to spice up his living space this is great gift. This could be anything from a set of coasters, decorative pillars, and nice throw blanket, or even a piece of artwork.

In Conclusion

There’s no need to stress over what to get the man in your life for Christmas. Just find some inspiration in this list. He is sure to love one, if not all of the gift ideas that we have listed. Also try to remember that it really is the thought that matters!


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