10 Things to Learn About Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Routine


Kylie Jenner, the youngest lady in the Kardashian bunch, and the younger sister of today’s hottest, and one of the youngest super models, 20-year old Kendall Jenner.

Between Kylie and Kendall, Kylie is the trendsetter while Kendall wears the trends well. More than just a young, pretty face and a Kardashian gene, Kylie is an entrepreneur who has been succeeding immensely in her business ventures by far. Her lip kit was sold out in just weeks following its release, and already, she is being highly acclaimed as a talented cosmetic artist and people are already speculating she will be a highly successful makeup brand owner in the near future.

Naturally, the world looks at people like Kylie Jenner for the latest trends in makeup and styling. People are doing everything they can to snoop about what Kylie puts on her face and what she keeps in her makeup drawers. Below are 10 things we learned about Kylie’s beauty routine this 2015:

  • Kylie loves her wigs. Kylie earlier revealed that she recently got herself a very short haircut. And, because of that, she has been putting on plenty of wigs recently. She also gave the world a peek at her most beloved wigs and how she is keeping them in shape by keeping them on head mannequins in her closet.
  • Kylie likes dark hair. Besides her wigs, Kylie has also candidly revealed that her natural hair color is brownish red which, she thinks, does not flatter nor complement well her skin complexion. Kylie says she loves darker colors and blond shades more.
  • Kylie False Eyelashes
  • Kylie likes to wear false eyelashes. Not only that! Kylie also reveals that she is a huge fan of CVS shopping, and that she gets her eyelashes from this online shopping site. Kylie also admits how she used to love long, full and voluminous eyelashes but that, she has more recently shifted to less dramatic and more natural looking eyelashes.
  • One of Kylie’s everyday must-haves is sunscreen. Kylie makes sure to put on sunscreen automatically in daytime and confesses how she hates the way sunscreen smells.
  • Kylie has reactive skin and is very particular about her eye cream and moisturizer. Kylie has hypersensitive skin and because of that, needs to be extra careful in choosing the cosmetics she puts on but, most especially when it comes to her moisturizers and eye creams
  • Contrary to her popular image, Kylie brings the makeup level down by several notches on regular days. Kylie thinks thick, heavy makeup does not make her look good.She says she reserves heavy makeup for shoots and TV appearances. During more regular days, Kylie follows this simple makeup routine: foundation, concealer, brow, bronzer, lipstick, eyelashes and a long lasting makeup setting spray.
  • Kylie gets regular fillers to make her lips look fuller. In fact, she also revealed how unhappy she was with the shape she has been getting from her original doctor so she sought out the services of another to do maintenance filling in her lips. She admits to regretting getting the fillers but says she keeps her lips regularly injected every two months.
  • Kylie Fuller Lips
  • Despite having lip fillers on, Kylie still contours her lips for an even fuller, luscious looking pout. Kylie uses a brown contouring cream to line the outer side of her lip line. This gives her puckers a considerable pop up, making her lips seem larger and fuller.
  • Kylie likes to keep her lip color nude. Even Kylie’s best-selling Lip Kit included shades of nude, sepia and true brown colors. The intended effect of course is to make her eyes pop some more for maximum eye centered look. The tendency of using a nude lipstick is to downplay attention on the lips and bring up the onlooker’s eyes up to her eyes.
  • Kylie uses clear eye mask patches to fight and correct puffy eyes. Frequent makeup applications, late night events and non-stop traveling around the globe puts Kylie’s eyes at risk of developing eye puffiness and eye bags.

Since we know you love following Kylie’s beauty routine so much, we give you more information about her beauty not-so-secret-anymore:

  • Kylie smiles her natural smile (teeth showing) before and while applying her blusher.
  • Kylie uses makeup remover wipes that are under $10 to erase even the most stubborn waterproof makeup.
  • Her nightly skincare routine includes wiping off makeup with an eye makeup remover. She also cleanses, tones, deeply moisturizes and exfoliates her skin.
  • Kylie is not a big fan of perfumes. In fact, she keeps her scent simple and light.


Kylie does all the basic makeup and skincare advice which beauty and skincare experts have been preaching for decades. Keep showing off your best self and keep it real by taking a more conservative stance on your regular makeup routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate — it’s the best skincare routine you should keep, most especially when you like wearing makeup. Enjoy but never forget to rinse off all skin impurities before going to bed so you can wake up fresh and prepared to face another beautiful morning!


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