The 10 Tools That Every Girl Must Have In Her Beauty Kit


When it comes to beauty and styling, there are simply some things you can leave at home and some things you need to keep in your bag not ‘just because’ but for those ‘just in case’ moments when you need them to be on hand

Top 10 On The Go Beauty Must-Haves

Your Top 10 beauty kit must-haves to take with you wherever you go, listed below.

1. Dental Floss

Beauty does not mean having products on your face. It’s also about keeping yourself clean and neat even on the go, and that includes your teeth. How many times have you had to deal with food caught between your teeth over dinner? Well, now, you won’t have to battle with meat or vegetable fibers. Simply excuse yourself and take it out in the Ladies with your dental floss.

2. Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleanser in a Kit

For those moments when you’ve been caught in heat, dust and dirt or, simply had a long day and need to get that excess oil out of the way. Prevent your pores from getting clogged up or infected, wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser at the first opportunity you find.

3. Wet Tissues, Tissues, Cotton And Cotton Buds

If you can’t get close to a water source immediately but need to clean up right away, wet and dry tissues always come in handy. You can’t really say when you might need tissues, wet tissues, cotton or cotton buds, most especially when you’re out and about. These also are a big help whenever you need to put your makeup on.

4. Nail Cutters

Always comes in handy for any beauty or real emergencies, nail cutters are always good to have in your beauty bag all the time.

5. Tweasers

Pull out unwanted hair, whether it’s the ones on your forehead or even your armpits, there’s no predicting when those unwanted hairs will come out! Don’t just pull them out anywhere please! Do it in private. Tweasers are also great in pulling out painful dry skin that protrudes on the sides of your fingernails.

6. Lip Balm and Lipstick in Nude, Red, and Your Go-To Color

Lip balm is a must to keep your lips hydrated, and they’re easy to put on if you don’t have the time nor the privacy to get your lipstick on.

7. Eyeliner In Your Go-To Color

Not that you need to put on eyeliner everyday or, need to re-apply at all! It’s precisely during those moments when you’re not wearing any makeup and suddenly get invited over for dinner when you most certainly will wish you had this with you.

8. Eye Shadow In Your Eyebrow Color, Nude, Smoky Eye Palettes, And Your Go-To Color

If you have an eyebrow pencil or gel with you then great! But, in case you don’t, you will be happy to have your eye shadow in your eyebrow color – you can always draw a nice arch out of it, you know. The other colors in the palette well, depends if you prefer to and, where you’re headed all of a sudden.

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9. Concealer

Concealer Kit

For those moments when you stared in the mirror and noticed a huge zit, redness from irritation, or a swollen insect bite and wish you can erase it out of your face. Or, if you had a steamy night kissing, and ‘somehow’ got kiss marks on your neck – avoid the embarrassment, find that concealer and blot it out!

10. Makeup Brush Set

No need for you to get crazy and have to bring your entire makeup brush collection with you! Make sure to have another set of four essential brushes that are small yet still big enough to give you control when you’re on the go. The only four brushes you’ll find handy are: 2-in-1 flat brush for foundation and concealer, 2-in-1 eyebrow brush with spooley, tapered brush for your eye shadow, and buff brush for your blusher, bronzer and loose powder. Don’t forget to get these out of your beauty kit every once in a while to get them soaked and cleaned.

If you have some more room in your bag, it will also be nice to have a bottle of thinly formulated all-natural oil , perhaps a sunflower oil, for all sorts of imaginable purposes. You can use it as a moisturizer when your skin feels dried out. You may also use it as a makeup remover when makeup, oil, dust and dirt from your face feel like a mud and you feel the need to wipe them off. Or, you may even use it to condition and style your hair so you can toss out those bad hair days in style.


Never leave possibilities to chance. Make sure you have some things within your reach for those rare moments when you simply need to do something about beauty. Don’t miss out on any opportunity ever again simply because you do not feel prepared. With these 10 beauty must-haves always on the go wherever you may be, you should be ready for anything!


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