Top 10 Ways to Make Your Lips More Attractive


Who hasn’t dreamed of looking like a sexy siren with pouty, full lips? While many women are perfectly content to make do with what nature handed them, most would prefer to enhance their features to create a more dramatic impression. Since the lips are one of your most noticeable features, it makes sense that women will go to great lengths to improve their lips, and there are many ways to go about it.

    Top 10 Ways to Make Your Lips More Attractive

  1. Lip plumping can involve using topical products to stimulate circulation and blood flow to the lips. This will temporarily cause the lips to fill with more blood, creating that pouty look that is so popular. The downside too many plumper’s is that the effects wear off throughout the day, and this is only a temporary solution and not a permanent one, despite what the best lip plumper reviews might say. However, this is generally very risk free and also is an affordable option to most women.
  2. Surgery options include actual cosmetic surgery and collagen injections. Surgery is a permanent fix, but one that is very expensive and has many risks and few women are willing to go to this extent. Collagen injections are a longer term solution that lip plumper products, but is still not permanent and can also be quite expensive. In addition, some women have had poor results with the collagen not staying in place and so have ended up with unsightly lumps under the lip skin.
  3. Home remedies may include some of the same ingredients found in lip plumper products. For example some of the best lip plumper reviews might list ingredients found in the better plumper products, so you could make your own cream that contains cinnamon – a known ingredient in many plumpers. There are very few home remedies that can help plump the lips for any length of time, unfortunately.
  4. Massage of the lips is actually what women had to do before cosmetic products were available and it does work to some extent, but will not last long. You can temporarily add plumpness to the lips but will have to continually rub the lips to keep them full. Instead, try the safest and most affordable option – lip plumper products. Look over the best plumper reviews to find one that has had lots of rave reviews.
  5. In addition, here is what else you need for full and alluring lips:

  6. Rest
  7. Healthy diet
  8. Proper hydration
  9. Exercise
  10. Good hygiene
  11. A great smile

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