10 Ways You’re Doing Your Nails Wrong


Think prepping your face and styling your hair are enough? Think again. Just as your nails can tell other people tons about your attitude and personality (and how you keep things tidy), keeping your nails neat is equally important in completing your look and vibe. If you’ve always been puzzled with nail grooming and painting, this is the guide that will change all that, and what better way to start than to highlight how you have been doing your nails wrong.

‘What am I doing wrong?’

Make it right by recognizing how you’re commiting mistakes in the first place. Listed below are 10 ways you might be doing your nails wrong:

1. Painting Your Nails Without Cleaning And Without Clearing The Cuticles. Refrain from painting over chipped nail polish and untamed cuticles. No matter how dark your nail polish, those impurities and dirt lurking on the sides of your nails are going to show. Use the right nail cleaning tools, not only to make it right but also to make it easy on yourself. Use a non acetone remover to get old polish out, and use a cuticle remover to soften your cuticles and nails first before pulling out any excess or protruding parts.

2. Painting On The Grease. Wipe away grease and oil from your nails before putting on your nail polish. Use a polish or a cuticle remover on a cotton ball. Brush off before painting. Grease will give your polish a harder time to stick on your nails, and will more likely cause your nail color to chip off too soon.

3. Using Nail Polish From Your Stockpile

Nail Polish From Your Stockpile

Don’t waste the time and energy you have invested in cleaning your nails by putting on old nail polish that’s probably expired. Old nail polish are dried out, sticky and out of control, and will certainly mess up your nails. The only place for them is your bin.

4. Avoiding The Whole Cuticle Area. There’s the wisdom of cleaning your nails first. Avoid the cuticle area but make sure that there isn’t a lot of space between it and your nails — something you won’t be able to do without grooming up your nails and taming your cuticles first. If you’re a newbie, try taping the bottom and sides of your nails with masking tape so that you can avoid painting outside of your nail borders.

5. Not Applying A Base Coat. It’s easy to neglect the importance of a base coat, most especially if you’re doing your nails hurriedly and don’t really have much time to wait around for it to dry. But, applying a base coat gives you more advantages and nail power you can’t achieve without it. A base coat lets your colored nail polish glide on and stick to your nails more easily.

6. Painting Your Nails The Wrong Way

Painting Your Nails The Wrong Way

So, what’s the right way? The only way you should be painting your nails is by using several strokes, and not just one, running in the same direction — from bottom to the tip. Remember your art classes in grade school when you were taught to color in one direction? This is color, dear, so there’s wisdom in doing the same trick here.

7. Painting Nails Too Thickly. The thicker the coats you make, the more likely your nail polish will be damaged. You only need to paint over your nails four times – one base coat, two coats of the nail color of your choice, and one top coat. But, if you’re using an old polish, you’re never going to get this tip right. Throw your old polish away first then tackle your coats well. Leave each coat to dry partially for a few minutes before applying the succeeding coats.

8. Failing To Top It Off With A Top Coat. Don’t lose your nail color to scratches and chipping. Seal your nail art with a top coat, and do so every other day to make your nail polish stay on longer. A top coat also not only puts on the shine, it also brings out the color on your polish.

9. Failing At Nail Maintenance

Failing At Nail Maintenance

Just as you have routine maintenance for your facial skin, so too should you practice nail maintenance. How? By keeping your nails well trimmed and filed and by using nail creams to make your nails stronger and your hands soft. Whenever you have to get your hands dirty, don’t do it with your bare hands, get those gloves on for protection.

10. Use Non Acetone Nail Polish Removers. Acetone dries up your nails and your hands. Repeated or heavy use, in fact, makes your nails weak and more prone to chipping. It may even wound your hands.

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Clean nails are just as important as a well groomed face. It reflects on your good hygiene practice and personality much like your face and clothes. Make time for a weekly nail makeover and always be mindful of good nail maintenance practices to ensure that you’re getting the most from your nail up-dos. Make a great impression and match your vibe with a good nail polish, and know that getting those amazing nails starts with good grooming.


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