11 Celebs Who Absolutely Refuse To Diet


Our society is obsessed with celebrity culture. Celebrities live a life of glamour and beauty. We are particularly fascinated with celebrity bodies that are perpetually toned and slim. They symbolize a lifestyle that we want to lead. We want to know what they eat, what workouts they do, and their secrets for staying in shape year round. Some celebrities undergo vast weight drops due to fade diets. However, there are some celebrities that refuse to diet and instead attribute their envy worthy figures to leading a balanced lifestyle or just naturally slim bodies. We are unveiling 11 celebs that maintain fabulous figures without ever dieting.

1. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly rose to fame after winning the popular show American Idol and she quickly launched a successful career as a singer afterwards. She received much backlash towards her weight after she became pregnant but she states that she doesn’t seek the approval of the media. Instead she focuses on her family and just being healthy.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is beloved for her funny, relatable attitude and she is firm against anyone who insists that she should diet even for a role. When producers wanted her to diet for her role as Katniss in The Hunger Games films she adamantly refused. She insisted that she did not want young girls who look up to her trying to replicate a model thin figure. Although she has stated that she does work out regularly she sticks to no defined diet.

3. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt recently transformed his body for his latest roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. He left his formerly soft body behind for a more muscular build that features a strong upper body. He stated that he adheres to a Crossfit workout regimen; a program that combines weightlifting, aerobics, and body weights.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

This celebrity says that nothing is off limits for her. She is naturally slim and does not restrict herself or her children when it comes to food, stating that oppressing yourself leads to more problems. Instead she balances her food by treating herself for some meals and eating clean natural foods for others.

5. Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne Palicki

Because of a health condition Adrianne cannot eat any foods that contain gluten, which eliminates a lot of carb heavy foods. However she says that this is not how she built her super toned athletic figure. She trains five days a week and does kickboxing, stunt training, combat training, and weight lifting.

6. Kristen Bell

Kristen has stated that although she does eat balanced foods and works out she doesn’t put pressure on herself to look a certain way. She says that chooses not to compare herself to other celebrities or models, or feed into the demands of Hollywood which urge female celebrities to lose baby weight in a manner of weeks.

7. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson

This hilarious female comedian addresses questions about dieting and weight by saying that achieving a perfect figure isn’t what’s important about life, the most important things that you can bring to the world are your personality and your ideas. She simply doesn’t pay attention to what the media or anyone else has to say about her figure.

8. Rihanna

Although Rihanna has a super toned body she says that she refuses to limit what she eats. She says that she would rather spend a few extra hours in the gym than give up the carb heavy foods that she loves to eat. Rihanna stated that she is a major foodie and when she goes out to eat she sometimes orders two half portions of pasta so that she can try multiple dishes at once.

9. Chrissy Tiegen

Chrissy Tiegen

Although this model has graced the covers of Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated she is against starving your body or limiting your diet. She eats everything that she wants, but she states that she stays healthy by eating the salty, savory foods that she loves in moderation.

10. Sofia Vergara

This bombshell is known across the world for her curves and fabulous figure. She does not limit her diet but is devoted to her workouts, which she does five times per week. Her workouts are tailored to enhance her hourglass figure and build strong arms and legs. She says that going to the gym is not fun for her but she makes sure to get the gym time in so that she can continue to eat the foods that she likes without sacrificing her figure.

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11. Amy Schumer

This comedian is not shy when it comes to standing up for herself and addressing issues that women face. She has spoken many times about how crazy she thinks it is that everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with being thin. She says that she doesn’t let the opinions of the public phase her.


Hollywood has become synonymous with the idea of going to extremes like starving yourself in order to be slender. However, not all celebrities are sucked in by this environment some of whom we have included in this list.


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