The 12 Biggest Beautyblender Mistakes You Need to Know


Beautyblender’s are awesome tools. They provide a finish that is smoother, more even and more natural than the finish that you get with a regular sponge or a brush. They have been a huge hit among makeup junkies around the world.

It is different from a regular makeup sponge because of its ability to expand when exposed to water. This revolutionary method is why people fell in love with it. You use it by adding water to the clean sponge and using the sponge to stipple on your makeup. However there are a few ways that you can go wrong. We are about to let you in on the twelve biggest Beautyblender mistakes that you never knew you were making.

1. You Aren’t Wetting The Sponge Before You Use It

Sponge Before You Use

This is the biggest and most obvious mistake. You will not see the smooth, even finish that others get after using the Beautyblender if you don’t wet it first. If you don’t add moisture to the sponge it will function just as well as any other basic makeup sponge, which means that you will miss out on the awesomeness of the Beautyblender altogether.

2. You Don’t Finish Applying The Foundation Before The Sponge Dries Out

One thing that can happen when you are in the midst of applying and perfecting your foundation is that you find that the sponge dries out before you finish applying the foundation to the entire surface of your face. If you continue to apply your foundation to the other portions of your face with a dry sponge you are making a huge mistake. If the sponge dries out while you are applying your foundation you should re-wet the sponge and then continue to apply your foundation.

3. You Put Liquid Foundation From The Bottle Directly Onto Your Sponge

Put Liquid Foundation on Sponge

If you are dipping your Beautyblender into your liquid foundation and then applying the foundation onto your face this is another dire mistake. Your foundation will come out looking cakey and you will end up wasting your foundation. By applying the foundation to the back of your hand first and then to the Beautyblender you will avoid using too much product. Your finished look will look more natural and you will conserve foundation.

4. You Aren’t Using Stippling Motions To Blend Your Foundation

If you are not using the correct blending motions you will not end up with a flawless finish. You can’t just swipe the sponge onto the surface of your face or rub it into the skin. If you want to apply your foundation like a professional you should gently stipple it onto your face and use circular motions to blend and perfect the foundation.

5. You Aren’t Blending For A Long Enough Period

Blending Foundation

Don’t make the mistake of rushing the blending process. If you slap it on and don’t blend the finish may be uneven or patchy. Take as much time as you need in order to fully blend the foundation into your skin.

6. You Take All Of Your Foundation Off After Making A Mistake

One rookie mistake is removing your entire face of foundation and starting all over again when you make a mistake or apply too much foundation on a section of your face. A great insider tip is to use the foundation free end up your sponge to remove any mistakes.

7. You Aren’t Washing It Often Enough

Your Beautyblender needs to be washed after every use. If you don’t wash your Beautyblender often you quickly see the consequences. You may cause breakouts or you could cause your sponge to break down faster.

8. You Aren’t Using Soap To Wash It

You must make sure that you are cleaning it with an appropriate product. In order to clean off all of the bacteria, oil, dead skin cells, and makeup you need to use an anti-bacterial soap to clean your Beautyblender.

9. You Don’t Dry It Properly

You should lay your Beautyblender flat to dry. If you wring it out or squeeze it too often you will tear or damage the sponge. The sponge is very delicate and it needs to be handled gently.

10. You Aren’t Storing It In A Safe Place

You should store your Beautyblender on your vanity or sink. If you throw it into your purse or makeup bag you can damge it.

11. You Keep It Too Long

You can’t keep your Beautyblender for as long as you keep a makeup brush. When it starts to change in color and there are visible rips and tears in the sponge you need to replace it with a new Beautyblender.

12. You Are Using It On Dry Skin

In order to get the best results you need to prime your skin before using your Beautyblender. Make sure to use primer and moisturizer before applying your foundation.


Flawless foundation isn’t impossible to achieve. If you want to use your Beautyblender like a makeup artist just avoid these twelve fatal flaws. You’ll have gorgeous foundation in a flash!


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