15 Hilarious Nail Art Fails You Should Know Before Doing It Yourself


We are living in a world today where anything we wish to know about is just a click away. In this world of technology, pretty much everything is in our finger tips. For a newly released video, go to YouTube or any other video streaming site and you are sure to find the video at ease. Gone are the days when we had to buy albums in order to listen to song from our favorite artists. Nowadays, you simply need to access the internet, search for the song and download it instantly. It is not a good thing as it raises the question of piracy, denying the artists the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but in any case, it’s a vice that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Access to information has been made easier. Almost anything can be found on the internet today. Be it the recipe for your favorite meal, course materials and so much more. The curiosity of the human mind is intriguing. We always want to question in order to know what triggers different situations. This may be the reason why most of us, especially females, are quick to try out things we find on the internet. It might be makeup tricks, claims of healing power of a certain food, a weight loss technique and so much more. Some of these may sometimes turn out to be disasters.

Beauty tricks are arguably the most disastrous if they fail, especially makeup tricks. The last thing you want is to step out of the house looking like you have been preparing for a Halloween scare. Instagram and Pinterest are one of the major sources of such information and how they portray the entire procedure seamlessly is downright enticing.
Most people have tried these tricks and in worst situations they backfired. Nail enthusiasts have not been left behind. In an attempt to replicate some of the manicure trends they have seen in social media, they end up with hilarious nail art fails. Such fails include:

1. Marbling Madness

Swirl and funky, these marble nails are easy to accomplish. However, if done without precision, they can turn out ugly. Though done at the perimeter of the nail bed, they may look bad.

2. Mini Moustaches

The idea is to come up with adorable tiny mustaches that are simply cute. When done wrongly, what you get is a 90’s look of a marker over a white-out. There is nothing adorable there.

3. Cartoon Art

Cartoon Art

It is an awesome way of showing your love for pop art. It contains pink polish, white dots and a black outline. If the outline is not done with precision, the results are hilarious with a large outline all-round the finger nails.

4. Candy Cane Claws

It involves drawing perfectly straight lines with red and white nail polishes. If you are like me and can’t draw any doing this nail art yourself.

5. Summer Pedis

Long toe nails with crazy colors combinations is the last thing you want, especially on a cool summer when you are hoping to meet someone. Summer time is time to show those legs (and toes). Wait, how do you even wear shoes with such nails?

6. Pointy Spears

Much more like the summer pedis only that they are long finger nails. Someone need some toothpicks? Honestly I think they are worse especially in terms of hygiene.

7. Emotionally deranged nails

Too much polish on the finger nails no matter what design you were looking to have will leave your nails looking scary.

8. Emoji nail designs

So you thought of making your favorite emoji into a nail art? Well, ensure you have drawing skills in you.

9. Multicolored fingers

Having a variety of colors on your finger nails is only nice if you color coordinate well and at the same time apply into precisions. Otherwise it’s a no.

10. Granite mani

Having a color saturation on your nails that runs from deep to faint is great. However, ensure to use the right tools to acquire this.

11. Giant glitter disaster

Giant glitter disaster

Having glitters on your fingers has always been awesome since time immemorial. However, a large amount will promise to be a disaster.

12. Pathetic Panda

The usual adorable panda polish and turn out to be a catastrophe if not handled by a professional.

13. Comic strips nails

If not done carefully, you end up with something comical that your friends can laugh over for the next few days.

14. Snakeskin Fails

The usual snakeskin nails that are adored by most people can turn out ugly if not done carefully.

15. Nail scales

The perfect scaly mermaid pattern can be turned into an entirely different thing simply by a shaky hand.


Most of the nail art fails discussed above most time happen because we assume too much. As much as they may seem easy to do, most require a lot of skills. The next time you want to try one out, it is wise you ask a profession first then from there you can learn to do it yourself. It takes a steady hand and a lot of artistic ability to transform the nails into a manicure masterpiece, a skill quite rare in most of us. In the meantime, take a seat and let the nail artist do what they do best.


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