15 Top Mistakes You Commit To Your Eyebrows


Eyebrows make or break the look of your face. How you style them determines the look that you step out to the world with. You may have the killer look, but if you eyebrows are done the wrong way, the whole beauty disappears and at times you may scare people. While this may seem like a curse to those who do not have a perfect set of eyebrows, it is important to note that you can get thick long eyebrows if only you would stop committing some mistakes on them. This however doesn’t mean that that is the only way your eyebrows can break and thin out. There are other factors that attribute to that.

While grooming the eyebrows, you need to be cautious. Shaping them perfectly and over tweezing them, in between, lays a very thin line. Such are the mistakes we commit unknowingly together with:

1. Identical crisis

Yeah, it about time you stopped striving to make your eyebrows look identical. They are sisters not twins for Pitt’s sake. To think of it even most twin are really not that identical so stop it already. It is in this process that you over pluck them resulting in extra thinning of the eyebrows.

2. Unibrow Fix

When taking care of shaggy ends or unibrows, you may tend to over pluck the eyebrows. At the end you will have created a very wide unnatural eyebrow gap. To fix this, ensure to hold a thin makeup brush vertically in line with the edge of your inner tear duct. It will guide you in knowing the farthest the eyebrows should be plucked.

3. Over-tweezing

If you over tweeze the top edge of your brows, this can cause damage to the natural shape of your brows. If you need the top edge tamed, ask a professional to help you out. Otherwise stick to below the brows.

4. Applying thick makeup on the eyebrows

You need not to apply an exaggerated amount of makeup on the eyebrows to make them stand out. If anything, this makes them look like they have been painted on and in the process drowning the entire face. Light short strokes will help you reduce the amount you apply.

5. Making the eyebrows too short or too long

Eyebrows Too Short

If you pluck your eyebrows to become too short, they will tend to make your eyes and nose appear too big. On the other hand, if they are too long, they tend to shrink your eyes and dominate the entire face. Keep them at an average length whenever possible.

6. Shower after Tweezing

Now, unless you have dense eyebrows that are stronger than an ox, don’t take a shower after tweezing the eyebrows. The hot water in your shower tends to loosen the hair follicles, making some of them to slip out as you wash.

7. Brows before makeup

As you do you eyebrows, you tend to make them so as to suit your complexion. If done earlier, the different complexion you acquire late after makeup will not match with them. You will have done the eyebrows for a totally different complexion.

8. Sparsely haired brows

If your eyebrows are so sparsely populated to the extent of showing the skin below, then it’s about time you invested in an eyebrow pencil with the right shade. If you are confused on which one you should opt for, feel free to ask around.

9. Matching you hair color with you eyebrows

Now, some of you need to get this clear, matching your eyebrows with the color of your hair does not necessarily mean that you will look good. Now that you bleached your hair you want to bleach your eyebrows too? Girl, be serious.

10. Natural Arch

One thing we all need to realize is that not all blows have to be straight or rounded. We all a have a natural arch that determines the shape of our eyebrows. It may not be a perfect forty five degree, for you to see it, but it’s somewhere in there. Let it guide you as you style those beautiful eyebrows.

11. Wrong Brush

Wrong Brush

You just can’t use any old makeup filler to do your eyebrows. Its shape (flat or wide), can leave you eyebrows messy or unnaturally looking. A thin, angled brush will do just fine.

12. Not Applying The Brow Gel

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on your eyebrows. As long as you don’t apply the brow gel, then you are sure they are not going to last. The gel also ensures the brows are set in the same direction, appearing more groomed and polished.

13. Brow Stencil

If you are looking to have perfectly shaped brows, then lose the stencils immediately. The only thing they will do is mess with your eyebrow either leaving them short, thin or too thick.

14. Using a magnifying mirror

The only thing it will do is make you see more and more hair that needs to be plucked. Stick with a regular mirror and stand a bit further from it as you do your brows.

15. Over-plucking

Over plucking the eyebrows results in making them thin. If you have already over plucked them, giving them a chance to grow is an excellent place to start.


Drop these habits and in no time, your eyebrows will be looking perfect.


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