3 Awesome Fabric Hair Wrap for Your Ponytail


Hair grooming is certainly one of the very first things we notice about each other. How you do your hair is so tightly intertwined with people’s first impressions about you. Whether your objective for exploring ways by which how you can do your ponytail is so that you can make an explosive entrance, a statement or, just simply keeping up with your own fashion forward image among your peers, hair wrap can be that thing that made a difference to your crown in a long, long time.

Hair Wrapping

Although hair wrapping goes way back to traditional periods, it has been seen much less in recent years. It’s not surprising because even the plain ponytail has been worn much less frequently. This is perhaps because more and more hair treatments like rebonding, brazilian, permanent perm and temporary ironed curls have made it so much easier to wear long hair down. While it’s always gorgeous to have your locks curled up around to frame your face, a nice pony every once in a while is always a great way to kick up the style and jazz up your look every so often.

Hair wrapping is a great way to make yourponytail so much more fashionable, trendy and unique. Bring in your personality and personal style into hair wrapping simply by having to choose over:

  • The ponytail style you will be making
  • The material, texture, color and size of your hair wrap
  • How you will be styling up your hair with the hair wrap

Hair wrapping also gives you a broad menu of options as to how you can personalize them even more. You can do so by using other hair accents like beads, rhinestones, barrettes and other hair accessories to complement your hair wrap without taking away the spotlight on this unique addition to your hair accessories.

Star Wars Inspired Hair Wrapping

Through out the Star Wars genre, its lead female characters have always worn unique, statement hairstyles. Although Rey, the lead character in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, did not really sport a hair wrap on her pony in this blockbuster hit movie, it is undeniable that she reawakened the fashion industry’s interest in these highly versatile fashion accessories well, these days, more of fashion must-haves.

Inspired Hair Wrapping

Before anything else then, it will be nice to talk about Rey’s hairdo. Her pony is made with three ponied loops at the back. One at the top of the back of her head, a second loop in the middle, and a third one at the base of the head. To achieve this, grab the top half section of your hair first. Tie it up to what seems like a bunned up pony. Depending on the length of your hair, you can tie up half or third to form a loop. Whatever hair was left over from this section, you join up with the middle section. Do the same half pony for the middle and bottom sections. Wrap around the bottom loop all unknotted hair from the bottom section.

Rey’s hair reimagined with a fabric hair wrap:

  • Take three, hard leather hair wrap with a velcrow lock, each about two or three inches long, and with a width just enough to tightly wrap your hair strands when these are divided into three sections horizontally from top to bottom.
  • Take up the top third section of your hair and tie it up into a pony.
  • Below the pony, insert one of the leather wraps and secure tightly.
  • Next, take the middle section of your hair together with the excess hair from the top section and tie them up together.
  • Insert another leather hair wrap.
  • Do the same for the bottom.
  • Take another elastic band and loop the bottom section upwards to combine it with the bottom section pony.

Bohemian Hair Wrap

Bohemian Hair Wrap

One hair wrapping style that never goes out of style is the Bohemian Wrap. With summer fast approaching, this style is bound to get even hotter and trendier in the months to come. Feel free to be first and wear this style now. Here’s how.

Take three colorful threads. Combine dark and neon bright colors together for a more Bohemian feel. You can also mix and match different fabrics together to create texture contrast try leather, lace and silk. Choose whether you want small strands of hair wrapped tightly like in a reggae up-do or, if you want to tie up all your hair into a pony. For the first, you only need accents so choose thin, fine fabric or ribbons. For the second, get thicker, longer fabrics.

50s floral hair wrap

Kick up a chic, laid back yet classic hairstyle in this hair wrap. Take a floral printed handkerchief. Feminely patterned and polka dotted handkerchiefs will also do justice to this hairstyle. Fold the handkerchief into a triangle then make about three folds horizontally. Wrap around your head with both ends on top. Tie up into a knot and just let the knot and ends stand on one side of your head.


A dash of imagination, spruced up with today’s preferences can bring any old school style in shape for present day wear.


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