3 Ways of How to get Gorgeous, Plump Lips


How to get Gorgeous, Plump LipsHollywood is known to set most of the trends when it comes to beauty and fashion. One of the oldest trends is terms of appearance is having plump lips. In fact, it is now more popular than ever! Even in the golden years of Hollywood, plump and sexy lips were all the rage and every celebrity and average woman wanted to know how to get gorgeous, plump lips. Because of the advances in science, there are now many ways to achieve this much desired look. The most popular methods are:

1. Lip Enhancement Surgery

There are many kinds of lip enhancement surgeries available today. Options include having regular injections or implanting materials to achieve fuller lips. There are many kinds of injections available from collagen to fat. The other surgical procedures include synthetic implants, local flap grafts and fat grafting.

These surgeries can be temporary or permanent. The main disadvantage with this method of how to get gorgeous, plump lips is the cost. The procedures start from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. For the injections, it should be regular in order to maintain the plump look; otherwise the lips will go back to normal after a couple of months.

Another problem with these surgeries is the risk and pain involved. The recovery period can last a couple of months for the more invasive procedures but there is no recovery period with most of the injections. However, like in every kind of surgery, there is always a possibility of having complications. This is why most people prefer safer ways of how to get gorgeous, plump lips.

2. Lip Plumping Products

For those who are afraid of surgical procedures or injections, lip plumping products are available. Most of the good lip plumping products in the market can have almost the same results as having lip enhancement surgery. However, the problem with this method of how to get gorgeous, plump lips is that the results are only temporary. This means that in order to maintain the plump appearance of the lips, it should be used continuously. In the long-term this might be a little costly.

3. Regular Lip Massage

Another way of getting gorgeous, plump lips is to learn how to massage the lips correctly in order to stimulate it and make it appear fuller. There are many articles online on how to massage the lips correctly. This can be mixed with using niacin or concentrated oil of cinnamon leaf for best results.

Just remember, unlike lip enhancement surgery, natural ways of how to get gorgeous, plump lips take time and consistency in your efforts. Lip massage is zero-risk and free but it takes time. Lip plumpers can give you immediate results but temporary. Weigh the pros and cons, the choice is still yours.


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