4 Effective Makeup Tips to Let Your Eyes Speak


Your eyes speak tons about who you are, how you feel and what you think. It exhibits your expressions, and when you do, you will want to do it boldly.

So if you’re aiming to make an impression, you need to examine your eyes constantly and pay closer attention to how you highlight it. Let your eyes speak with these simple makeup tips that will surely draw the spotlight deep into your soul — and, yes! You can do these best makeup tips by yourself!

With so many eye products, it is not surprising why many women feel intimidated with eye makeup — eyebrow and lid liners, eye shadows and mascaras. You’ve probably wanted to try out more dramatic and flattering shades for your eyes but never really learned the basics of applying eye makeup.

Below are a few, simple eye makeup styles you can achieve almost effortlessly with the help of eye makeup tricks. Have more faith in yourself. There was never a secret and you can do these.

1. Eyebrows

Start by framing your face. Give your eyebrows the ummph and the aaah by keeping them well-trimmed all the time. Enhance your eyebrows by using eyebrow cosmetics which you can find in pencil, retractable pens and gel formulations.

Use a pencil to measure exactly where the outer end of your brows should end. Put one end of the pencil at the outer end of your nose then let the pencil pass through the outer corner of your eye. Bring up to the natural level of your brow. That is the point where the outer end of your brow should end.

Next, still holding the pencil on the outer end of your nose, bring up the other end of the pencil to touch the inner side of your eye, and all the way to vertically touch the inner side of your eyebrow. Mark that point on your eyebrow — that should be the inner end of your eyebrow.

Do the same for the other side.

Line your eyebrow. Remember that your goal is to enhance them. The more natural they look, the more flattering it will result. Skip the thin-lined eyebrows. They’re simply not in fashion anymore.

If you have naturally thin eyebrows, consider using a pencil to give you a more natural looking finish. If you have oily skin, consider using a gel-based cosmetic. They last longer.

2. Eyeliner


Begin by clearing your eyelids of oil. Use a water-based makeup remover or, a toner. This extra step helps ensure that your eyeliner will cling to your eyelids effortlessly and result to a flawless finish.

Should you draw the line on your inner eyelids or on the eyelid? This is one question that has been long debated. The best way is to line on your eyelid, as close to the tip of your eyes as possible. Lining the inner side of the eyelid will only cause your eyeliner to smudge as it gets into contact with the wet part of your eyes.

For a more natural look perfect for daytime wear, use brownish or grayish shades if you have fair to brownish skin. If you have dark skin, black and dark blue should be fine. Women with fair skin should reserve the darker colored eyeliners for nighttime wear or, whenever the occasion calls for heavy makeup.

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3. Eye shadow

Eye shadow

Of all the eye products, it is probably eye shadows that intimidates women—and, it is also the most incorrectly applied of all.

To use an eye shadow to your advantage, pick your shades wisely. For daytime wear, use lighter shades. Brownish and pinkish hues work best.

Start by putting on a base from your lids up to the line where your eyes fold. Choose two or three shades of the same color, such as different shades of brown. Apply the lighter shade close to the eyelids. Use the darker shade to create a shadow by applying it from the point where the lighter shade ends up to the crease where your eyes fold. Use a broad brush to blend in the colors. For extra drama, use some eye glitter.

For nighttime wear, use darker eye shadow, also in different shades. If desired and as appropriate, experiment with smoky eyes for that ultimate eye drama. Smoky eyes are achieved often by using dark shades of grey, black and blue or a combination of the three.

In contrast to your natural look, smoky eyes require you to make a gradient out of the dark shades of your choosing. Begin by applying the darkest shade closer to the lid and the lighter shade for the upper half of your eyes. Make a gradient out of it. Your resulting smoky eyes should go well beyond where your eye folds and close to your brows.

4. Mascara

Your eye drama will not be complete without a mascara. Use thinner films and eyelash brushes for daytime. Go for thicker, more dramatic lashes for nighttime. Always put on eyelash primer first before putting on your mascara to help your mascara cling to your lashes.

If you have thin eyelashes, consider using false eyelashes better yet, consider getting an eyelash extension.


Was any part of the trick not doable for you? Simple enough, right? Ain’t it good to know how you can let your eyes speak with these simple tricks? Now, show it off, girl!


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