4 Makeup Brushes That All Lazy Girls Need To Have


Makeup is a gift we all have been blessed with to, well, enhance our assets. They give us the power to create and literally draw those assets we haven’t been born into. Makeup is almost like magic! Cosmetics have had an amazing journey that women (and men!) have benefited from and, unashamedly, enjoyed the ride.

Investing in quality makeup is one thing but, making sure you’re applying them properly on your skin is another matter all together. If you’ve spent tons of your hard earned dollar on your makeup kit but, have neglected your brushes, you’ve most probably been wasting your expensive makeup. Needless to stress, you need to invest on your brushes too.

Do you need to break your bank to get your brushes right? Absolutely not! That’s why this blog will let you in on a secret that has the potential to keep your money in savings and placed in other more profitable investments. What’s the big secret? You only need four types of brushes!

Time for you to get the best return for those expensive cosmetic products then! Let’s get you started.

It’s All About The Bristles, Baby!

You absolutely can’t tackle brushes without talking about the bristles. Bottomline: all brushes are either synthetic or natural. While every beauty brand and makeup junkie has his or her thumbs down on synthetics in their makeup, it’s a different story when it comes to brushes— and, it’s not just about which type of brush makes your makeup cling onto your skin better. The battle of the brushes goes all the way political.

First things first, synthetic brushes are made from artificial fibers, most often out of nylon or polyester. These brushes work best with liquid-, cream- and gel- based products.

Battle of Brushes

Natural brushes, on the other hand, are made from natural furs taken from actual, live animals. Natural brushes are used best for powder based products.

It’s up to you, really, if you can accept the fact that a squirrel or boar had to shed its fur so that you can get your makeup on. If not, then, you always have the power to choose synthetic brushes. Anyway, you can achieve better coverage with products that are in liquid form so, you’re better off with a synthetic brush.

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In Good Shape

You do need to be in good shape but, it’s your makeup brush we’re talking about?

You need to check that your brush is shaped well — bristles are tightly attached to handle, and the handle gives you a good grip. After all, isn’t achieving better coverage and better control the objectives why you want good quality makeup brushes? If not, you can always use your fingers, and get ready to be invaded by bacteria.

The Power of 4

Flat Foundation Brushes

We’re going lean and mean! Get a hold of these four brushes and you certainly won’t be spending on junk and have to carry it around with you.

1. Flat Foundation / Concealer Brush: A good foundation and a splendid concealer is the secret to getting a great canvas to work on. Impress with a flawless complexion by making sure you’re thoroughly blending in your foundation and concealer with the right type of brushes. For this, choose a single brush with two tips. One end will hold a broad brush for applying your foundation. The other end will have a u-shaped brush ideal for applying concealer meticulously, especially over areas that are hard to reach with just any kind of brush.

2. Eyebrow Brush / Spooley: Eyebrows are a must in achieving the perfect frame for your face. To apply your eyebrow pencil / cream / gel, choose 2-in-1 eyebrow brush that has spiralled bristles (spooley) on one end, and an assymetrically shaped brush on the other end. The eyebrow brush will help give you a nicely shaped arch for your brows. The spooley end will get your eyebrows into shape and help blend your eyebrow makeup with your real eyebrows too for that natural finish.

3. Tapered Eye Shadow Brush:

Tapered Eye Shadow Brush

You may not use this brush as often as the three other brushes on this list, particularly when you’ve chosen to use only an eyeliner for your eyes. However, for those rare times when you want smoky eyes, you can’t do without this brush.

4. Buff Loose Powder / Blusher / Bronzer Brush: Always will be the broadest brush in your kit, this buff brush is perfect for applying color to your cheeks or, to bronze your face, neck and decolléte or, freeze makeup with a powder finish.

The angled eyeliner brush would have been important but, since most eyeliners in liquid or gel forms come with their own applicators, you won’t find this brush useful. While a pencil brush, on the other hand, will come in handy for those little bits of highlights like a white or metallic eye gel to dot your tear ducts, you can always substitute this with cotton buds.

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It’s important to get hold of quality makeup but, the technique and the skills in putting these on with a good, practical set of brushes are equally a must.


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