4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle in Postmenopause


A woman is said to be in her postmenopausal stage if she has not experienced having menstruation for an entire year. Postmenopause is a condition where a woman experiences relief from menopause syndrome and has regained her stamina and other negative emotions brought by the latter. However, this is not the end of her challenges as a woman. Low hormonal level, particularly estrogen, can bring riskier conditions related to its deficiency like osteoporosis and heart disease. With this, extra effort in improving lifestyle by modifying the diet and exercising regularly can help lessen the risk of such health problems.

Proper Diet

4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle in Postmenopause

It is important that the body gets proper nutrients during the postmenopausal stage. Knowing the right food to take along with essential vitamins will keep the body healthy and strong.

Calcium is good for the bone health which is an issue for women in the postmenopausal stage. Enough Calcium in the body lessens the risk of having osteoporosis or deterioration of bone mass and density. Drink milk and add dairy products rich in Calcium to your diet to ensure strong bones.

Fiber-rich food promotes your digestive health and fights colon cancer. It also lessens the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The top fiber-rich foods are fruits, vegetables, rice and whole-grain cereals.

Enough Water intake helps maintains good level of body fluids which help prevent dehydration and other fluid issues during postmenopause. It also helps the kidneys excrete toxins from the body.

Make sure to cut down fat, sugar and salt intake to prevent diet-related health issues. Too much fat promotes an increased risk of heart disease and cholesterol. Excessive Sugar may trigger the risk of diabetes while salt promotes risk of high blood pressure.

Reduced Vices

Excessive alcohol intake can cause cardiovascular diseases. It also causes damage to the kidneys and liver. Smoking should also be avoided as it contributes to heart diseases and the possibility of having a stroke. Smoking is not only harmful to the person smoking but also to other people around her. Too much caffeine intake, although not really considered as a vice, may worsen symptoms of menopause like hot flashes.


Taking Iron and Calcium supplements is important to women in the postmenopausal stage. Iron helps increase energy and strengthens the immune system. Calcium, as mentioned, promotes healthy bones. Herbal supplements that promote good health can also help. Just make sure to consult your doctor to know the other supplements that need to be taken and their proper dosage.


Exercise is beneficial to women in the postmenopausal stage. To stay healthy, she needs to exercise for proper management of weight and prevention of diseases and to improve energy. It also relaxes the mind and body to maintain good mood. Exercise shouldn’t be exhaustive as this may result to damage instead of benefits for the body. Walking, running and simple sports can help.

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