5 Best Ways To Wash Off Waterproof Makeup


When it comes to applying makeup, most women usually go crazy and apply whatever they think is necessary so as to look the very best. Walking in the daylight and looking the utmost best with a good foundation and concealer may be just what most women look forward every morning, as their faults are well hidden. However when it comes to sleeping at night the torture of removing makeup is usually very real. The scrubbing that is usually done in the mirror makes most women skip this phase and sleep with their makeup on which usually leads to breakouts and a bed sheet covered with makeup the next morning. Below is some of best way to wash off waterproof makeup without pain:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been known as a good helper when it comes to the kitchen. With its praise going on as far as whitening teeth coconut oil has just had its wings opened to the cosmetic world. Considered one of the best way to wash off waterproof makeup coconut oil is extremely easy to use. For eye makeup, use of cotton pads is essential. One is to dab the cotton pad with a bit of the coconut oil and apply it in the eye lids and the eye lashes at large. The mascara will be seen on the cotton pad with the first swipe. However wait for a few minutes to let it soak in, so as not to pull out eyelashes with the mascara. Wipe the eye makeup of as par normal routine. When removing lip and face makeup, wiping it off as soon as applied is possible and will bring out once natural colors. It is good to note that when choosing coconut oil, one should choose one that it clot free and well refined. This way the coconut smell will not stick to the facial hairs and make them uncomfortable for the whole night.

2. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly

As a normal home remedy, Petroleum jelly is the cure of anything that has to do with skin and has proven its worth time and again. Thus when it comes to the best way to wash off waterproof makeup it is no surprise that is falls into that category. Applying petroleum jelly on the face before washing off wiping off with a warm cloth will definitely do the trick. However wiping it completely off is essential, as if not done so it will clog the pores making the skin suffocate in a sense, which will eventually lead to breakouts.

3. Lime


Not only lime juice is good for skin but it can be used to remove facial makeup. Cotton balls should be dabbed with a few drops of lime juice and applied on the facial area. The area around the eyes should be left out as it can be extremely irritating for a number of hours. This method not only is one of the best ways to wash off waterproof makeup but will also leave the skin feeling refreshed as it opens ups pores. However moisturizing the skin afterwards is Key as the limes can strip off all the natural oils on the face.

4. Honey


Honey is sweet and a good remedy natural remedy for some common diseases such as sore throats. However when it comes to water proof lipstick, it is one of the best way to wash off waterproof makeup. When trying a new shade of lipstick after continuous use of a particular brand, the likeliness of the lips being stained by it is usually very high. Dabbing honey on the lips and letting it set in for a few minutes will work great. Wiping of the honey can hard for some people as it can be very stubborn. However the good part is that it can be licked off and still cause no harm. Using honey is encouraged as it will remove the dead skin on the lips thus leaving the lips softer and in one shade.

5. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been in the market for a while as a good cosmetic product for moisturizing purposes. However when it comes to waterproof makeup it also does not disappoint. One can simply remove makeup by applying a few drops on the fingertips and rubbing on to the affected area. Mascara will start coming off as soon as applied. However removal by hand is discouraged as being carried away and removing eyelashes can happen very quickly. A warm cloth or cotton pads can be used in this case. Moisturizing afterwards may not be needed as olive oil does this perfectly.


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