5 Easy Tricks How to Work out while you Work


The fast-paced lifestyle today leaves us with very little or no time to exercise. However, if there’s a will, there’s really a way. So the best solution for people who claim to have zero time for exercise? Workout while you work!

Yes, it is possible to exercise and burn a significant amount of calories even if you’re stuck in the office for eight or more hours a day. Here are some ways to workout while you work:

Walk or Bike to Work

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Well, not all people can ride a bike to work especially if you live far from your office. Walking is a good or even better alternative. If you ride a bus, you can get off a few blocks early and walk the remaining distance. If you ride a cab to work, you can do the same and save some money while burning a few calories.

Take Exercise Breaks

Instead of hanging out in the break room, walk around the office or climb up the stairs. This is a great way to workout while you work. After eating lunch, go for a 20-30 minute walk around your office. Invite colleagues to make it more interesting. Having someone to talk to makes the time pass by quickly. You can also keep fitness equipment in your work area in case you have time to spare. Resistance bands and light weight can help you get a good workout while you work.

Volunteer for Coffee Runs

This is a great way to have a quick workout while you work. If there’s no one who wants to go for the daily coffee run, think of this as an opportunity to burn a few calories. Your colleagues will also owe you from doing this.

Learn Desk Exercises

Most of us spend most of our work hours sitting in front of a computer. Instead of just sitting at your work station, you can perform desk exercises like abdominal contraction exercises and bodyweight exercises. There are many other exercises like calf raises and dumbbell exercises that you can perform while tending to work matters.

Check for Gyms near You Workplace

Most companies have their own gym because this helps increase productivity. 20-30 minutes a day is all you need for a good workout. If your company doesn’t have a gym, check around for gyms near your workplace. This way, you can exercise during your lunch break or right after work and not worry about the commute.

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