5 Fall And Winter Makeup Trends


It’s so unfortunate that we had to surrender to reality because the last days of last summer took away every trace of our tan. Luckily, we got the opportunity to try the latest makeup trends to enhance our looks. In order to outline the makeup for the fall winter trends 2015, let’s start with the eyes by analyzing the fashion shows and spotted 5 eye makeup trends we should copy. You will definitely one that suits your needs. If not, you will make some improvements to look attractive and unique in your own way.

1. Focus on Your Eyeshadow

If you are fond of experimenting, focusing on your eyeshadow happens to be the latest makeup trends you should try this season, even if it means for a single night. During this fall makeup season, your upper eyelid becomes the central character, transforming into a canvas on which you can try every color you like, from white to black and different shades of blue. But you should stick to the rule where the color invades your eyebrows to reach the lower eyelid.

2. Kajal

Do you love green? It has found its way back to the winter makeup trends for 2015. One of the greatest advantages with the style this season is that it doesn’t take much of your time and it is easy to apply. It simply takes a touch of black pencil on your pupil’s lower margin and all you will get is a deeper look. If you are afraid and thinking that kajal won’t work in the daytime, you should give it a try and find that it’s one of the best makeup trends that you can literally wear from morning till evening.

3. Natural

Natural Skin

If you are not a fun of flashy eye makeup, you shouldn’t be worried at all. During the Fall Winter 2015 runaways, one of the big trends of the season includes the use of heavy eyeshadow, pencil and mascara. Still, we witnessed many looks that featured a “no makeup” effect. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that all you have to do is wash your face and hit the streets. You should pay a little focus on lighter tones that won’t capture too much attention. The natural look in your eyes will do the necessary!

4. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner was one of the most dominant winter makeup trends this season with cat eyes ruling the runaways as usual. If you want to add an instant glamour and attitude to your look, you should definitely try the winged eyeliner this season. The cat eye is one of the staple styles for big cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul. Jungsun, Korea’s Next Top Model winner came up with this soft pigment, precise felt-tip brown eyeliner motivated by a sexy pair of pumps, a part of her closet essentials.

To get this amazing look, simply fill in your lash line. Draw a flick toward the end of your eyebrow at the outer ends of your eyes. You can make it thicker or longer depending on your taste.

5. Clear Skin

Clear skin seems to be the only thing that will never get out of style. Apart from wearing makeup, the other important thing is to know how to remove it well. Clear skin ranked among the top winter trends 2015. It all entails getting a good, thorough cleanse to improve the texture of your skin. This will enable your makeup to go on the following day with little or no effort. You can try an oil type cleanser as you massage and dissolve oil-based impurities and makeup stains that are even waterproof.

To try this fall makeup trend, simply scoop out a pearl-sized amount of a cleanser and gently massage it against your skin. Ensure that your hands and face and dry. Massage again with wet hands to emulsify the oil before rinsing off with lukewarm water.


Fashion Week Makeup

As much as we would like to try the bold experimental makeup trends that we witnessed on the runaways, we should in deed appreciate the beauty looks that are easy to try at home. And in that respect, we can confidently state that the latest New York Fashion Week didn’t disappoint at all. From winged eyeliner to clear skin, these are some of the top trends from fall winter 2015 that we should definitely start trying as soon as possible.


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