5 Hair Styles For Every Girl To Rock This New Year Party


On any regular day, hair can already be tough to handle. Yet, there’s no room to be dealing with a bad hair day when you start counting down to 2016. Make sure you are sporting a glorious crown as you drown out to the blissful cheers of the New Year Party, set the party poppers afloat, and sip a glistening glass of sweet champagne!

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to attend a heart pounding, smashingly loud party or party in elegantly chic style or, if you’re celebrating with people you love or in the company of strangers, there’s no better way to impress than to be at your most presentable self, and that includes your hair.

So, whether you have long or short hair, there are ways to make your hair style stand out from the crowds of equally well dressed, well made up men and women ready to rock the party. Below are five fool-proof hairdos you can do in a snap and without a glisten of sweat on your forehead. You will surely find a hairstyle that will prep you up just in time for 2016!

Hair Style # 1: Simply Sparkly

Simply Sparkly Hair

Tiaras remain to be big hairstyle hits, and they will continue to rave on straight to the new year with a bang! Choose a tiara that flatters both your face and your hairstyle.

For pulled up hair, pick up a tiara that accents the lump on your crown. For more head turning tiara placements, choose a side tiara. Some side tiaras go all the way to wrap your earlobes while some are stuck in hair with comb teeth.

For added drama, put on a tiara that drops from your forehead, leaving you feeling like a princess warped to the future from the ancient kingdoms of Asia. For a simply elegant Greek goddess look, simply loosely pull back your hair to a full or half tie or, tie and pull your hair loosely to one side.

You may also combine tiara with any of the four other hair styles below.

Hair Style # 2: Braided Crown

Braided Crown Hair

This next hair style is great whether you have long hair or bobbed hair. Simply run a braid across the top, front side of your hair. If you have long hair, tuck the excess on the underside of your hair.

Start by pulling a few hairstrands and dividing tese into three sections. Tuck tightly or loosely, alternatingly crossing over the top and bottom all three sections while slowly picking up hair as you move along the top of your crown over to the other side. If a loose braid is desired, pick up a handful of hair but, if a tight braided crown is preferred, work with less hair.

Complete the hair style by knotting the end at the underside of your hair and loosely tying the excess length and all of the unbraided hair into a low knot. You may also pull up the rest of your hair to form a lump over your crown.

Accent with a tiara for added drama.

Hair Style # 3: Loose, Half Braid Or Fish Braid

Loose Half Braid Hair

This hair style works better for the ladies who have long hair. Use the same technique as in Hair Style # 1. Only this time, bring the braid to the back, upper half of your hair. In place of a regular braid, you may choose a fish braid. Work the fish braid down to the tips of your hair then tie it up to hold the style.

Use a tiara or glittery strands or slim ribbons for added shimmer.

If a full braid or fish braid is preferred, pick up your hairstrands little by little so they all end up in a braid. For those with longer hair, bring the braid over to fall on one side of your shoulder.

If a loose, full braid or fish braid is desired, simply pick up more strands of hair as you work down a braid or fish braid.

Hair Style # 4: Flirty Glam Curls

Flirty Glam Curls

Wear sensuous hair simply by getting a semi-permanent curl or using hot iron curls. Curl the full length or just choose to curl the ends of your hair. Add body by doing thick curls. Bring sexiness to your locks down to the oomph by using slimmer curlers for hair tips.

For best results, get a hair color that flatters your natural complexion and the shape of your hair and face. If you’re already wearing a great hair color, consider getting some highlights on to draw in more light (and attention) to your super sexy locks!

Hair Style # 5: Color It Metallic

The best way for those with super short hair to attract maximum attention is to color their locks metallic! It’s easy, quick and sleek. It’s also futuristic – a perfect way to look forward to the new year!

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Hair adds so much character to your overall look so, never underestimate the power of elegantly prepped New Year’s Party hair!


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