5 Important Reminders Before You Color Your Hair


before you color your hair:Coloring your hair is simple and very easy. However, doing it properly and having a good hair coloring job is a bit tricky. Before giving into your desire, here are some things you should know before you color your hair:

  • There are many different shades of color based on the reflection of the color. According to the scale, black is a 1 because it doesn’t reflect much light. On the other hand, blonde is a 10 because of its high reflection of light. Most of the hair colors available go by this system. The higher the number means the lighter the color.
  • Before you color your hair, remember that permanent hair color alters the hair chemically and cannot be undone. Going back to your original hair color or changing to another hair color is possible but it is very expensive aside from being damaging to the hair.
  • Semi-permanent hair color can only darken the hair color and doesn’t change the hair much. It is best for covering grey hair but it fades quickly so it should be done regularly to keep the same color. This is less complicated and can be done at home but it is important to learn the proper way and only make use of good quality hair coloring kits. Before you color your hair with semi-permanent hair coloring, make sure to do your research. Read and follow the instructions very carefully!
  • Lightening dark hair is very complicated and considerably risky so do-it-yourself kits are not advisable. This process should be left to professionals in order to prevent undesirable result. When hair color is lightened, undertones (usually yellow or red) are produced. The dilemma occurs when the two colors mix and the result is orange hair. This is why this process should only be done by professionals. If you’re really decided and plan to do it at home, make sure to do ample research and test on a strand first so you can determine the result.
  • To stress, do an extensive research or ask someone who is experienced in the specific process that you’re planning before you color your hair. Be very patient and control your impulse. If you can’t afford to go to a professional, look for other alternatives like practiced friends.

Coloring your tresses by yourself sounds easy, but a detrimental effect can be long-lasting. You should learn everything you can because this will determine if you will end up with a great hair color that compliments your pretty face or end up looking like a clown.


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