5 Natural Alternatives to Eye Makeup Removers


Color correcting cream liquid foundation, waxy concealer, bronzer, traslucent loose powder and a blusher – and, that’s just the start of pile after pile after pile of cosmetics you probably get to dump on your face everyday. And, even if you don’t use as many products, at the very minimum, you’ll probably have a loose powder on, an eyebrow liner, an eyeliner, and maybe a thin mascara on.

It can be challenging to get these stubborn products out of your face at the end of the day, most especially on those days when you can hardly keep both of your eyes open and so ready more than ever to hit the sheets. The water-proof, all-day, long-wearing cosmetics can be specially stubborn to get rid of. If you don’t have a makeup remover that works, you may even end up unknowingly damaging your skin if you rub too hard against your skin.

The Nasty Truth About Commercial Makeup Removers

Makeup removers abound. The most common categorization are water-based makeup removers and oil-based makeup removers. The latter works best to clean and clear skin of hard staying makeup.

The problem with commercial makeup removers is that these too, like other skincare and cosmetics products, are laden with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can have potentially irritating, long-term adverse effects, and even instantly toxic results.

Parabens – methylparabens, butylparaben, propylparaben for one, continue to be used as preservatives in many brands of makeup removers, even the ones that claim to be all-natural. These ingredients have been found to be capable of being absorbed by the body where they mimic estrogen. As such, parabens can affect the maintenance and regulation of important body processes that are controlled by estrogen.

Commercial Makeup Removers

Phenoxyethanol, another chemical that is popularly infused in cosmetic and skincare formulations as a preservative, also has highly questionable safety. No less than the US Food and Drug Administration has warned against the possible health risks which can result from exposure to phenoxyethanol, most especially over prolonged periods of time. The FDA pointed out that phenoxyethanol can cause severely damaging effects to the central nervous system, which includes the brain and the spine, as well as other vital body organs.

Several ingredients added as either preservatives, stabilizers, surfactants, coloring and other additives are highly irritating to the skin, and many are even identified to be carcinogens. Nasty!

The Natural Alternatives

Beyond nasty, commercial eye makeup removers are plain dangerous. It’s unacceptable to have to live through this kind of danger when eye makeup removers can be easily substituted for all natural, totally safe, perfectly effective and much cheaper alternatives. All it takes is a little know-how and some patience to have to mix up your own homemade natural alternatives to eye makeup removers.

In addition, natural alternatives to eye makeup removers are inherently more advantageous and beneficial over their commercial counterparts we have all gotten so used to. Among these benefits are listed below:

  • Natural oils work better in loosening up makeup even the most stubborn kinds, dissolves residues much faster, and takes off makeup without causing your skin any damage
  • Natural alternatives are not drying and rather, are highly nourishing and moisturizing to the skin
  • Natural alternatives are perfectly safe and highly effective

Five of the best natural alternatives you can use to replace your commercial makeup removers are listed below.

Extra / Virgin Coconut Oil
No stubborn makeup will be able to escape this powerhouse natural oil. What’s even better is that it has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that gives your skin the wonderful bonus of preventing skin infections and acne breakouts.

Essential Oils Like Sunflower Oil, Rose Oil And Almond Oil
These ingredients are packed with antioxidants so you get the added benefit of boosting your skin’s protection against the cell damaging effects of free radicals. These also help reinforce your skin’s natural protective barriers and deeply nourish skin to stimulate skin rejuvenation. Ain’t that beauty beyond just the conventional functions of a makeup remover?


Honey For Make Remover

Another natural skincare favorite, honey combined with a little bit of lukewarm water can easily wipe off the makeup on your face. Honey is also well known for its natural antibacterial, anti-acne, and moisturizing properties which commercial alternatives just simply cannot beat.

More than just a makeup remover, yogurt acts as a natural exfoliant so it removes your makeup while also eliminating dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.


Milk for Loosen up makeup

Add in your favorite essential oil (make sure it’s cosmetic grade), and apply directly on skin. Leave on for a few minutes to loosen up makeup. Wipe off makeup with a ball of cotton.

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Beauty never has to be enjoyed at the expense of safety. There is simply no excuse for letting idleness or carelessness get in the way of a shift of mindset – one that involves making a choice for beauty AND health. As a matter of fact, there are so much more beauty benefits that you can enjoy when you take the higher road to go natural, well, this time, when it comes to your makeup remover – small steps, someday, maybe you’ll have more natural ingredients and more homemade skincare formulations. Enjoy!


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