5 New Hair Colors Every Girl Must Try For Spring


Helloooo, Spring! The cold winter mornings and even chillier evenings are finally over! It’s time to greet the sun and the first blooms of Spring 2016. Say goodbye to the dull hair trends of winter (which you loved to hide under the hood) to welcome the new season with livelier, more beautiful strands.

Beautifully colored and made up locks are never out of season. Maybe this season is the perfect time for you to try a new hair color or, revisit an old favorite. To give you the latest scoop on this season’s hottest hair trends in hair color, below are five hair color trends you’re gonna want on you before everybody else gets their crown styled the way you do.

1. Toned Down Blondes

We can finally say bye-bye to those pale, dry-looking and lifeless pure blondie locks and allow livelier, gradient colored layers perk up your vibe this spring!

Toned Down Blondes

If your skin shines like porcelain or totally caucasian white, a Baby Blonde which is a significantly more toned down version of the pure blondie look should add more color to your pale complexion and shine like a golden face like people you know haven’t seen you like before.

If you dare more color or, if your skin is not as pale complexioned, strike up your strands with a layered blonde look. Get some streaks of color into select strands transitioning from blonde to orangy to a light brown. This will warm up your hues to make you gorgeously fresh like spring.

Spot on those warm highlights on your blond base locks. This will make your hair look naturally washed and yet sophisticatedly maintained. This luxurious blend of blonde and warm colors will surely flatter your looks and make it as easy as a breeze for you to swing from bed into strutting your stuff fuzz free, manage free style same outstanding locks!

2. Deep Red

Or, deep burgundy, if you prefer. It’s not a bright, shocking, funky red but just that warm brick red color that makes both your hair and your locks look uberly expensive and seductive. It should work perfectly whether you have pale, white skin or, slightly colored skin like Latina or Asian.

3. Golden Brown

Golden Brown Hair

If there is one hair color that lives through trend after trend, and season after season, its the golden brown hair. Except, this spring, whether you sport it pure golden brown locks or, get one- or two-tone highlights to give a dab of depth here and there, a golden brown color will rub off some of its tan on your skin complexion to keep you looking incredibly fabulous without being too made up. It gives the impression of a healthier, natural glow. Get the same breathtaking impact on people whether you choose to get it on silky straight hair or, on large curls. This color works well no matter what your natural hair color is and, gives off the same exhilirating effect whether your skin is white, colored, Asian or, anything in between.

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4. Ombre, Somber / Melted Ombre

Melted Ombre Hair Color

We have been seeing a lot of the Ombre look this past three years or so, and many are predicting it will die a natural death in 2016. Ombre is that strictly or abrubtly transitioning hair color from darker roots to lighter tips On the contrary, the Ombre look will continue to be embraced by many for its resulting naturally made up look no matter what day or mood you’re in.

Also, instead of leaving us for good, another milder, subtler type of Ombre will become just as popular the Somber or Melted Ombre. Instead of the abrupt change in hue between roots and tips, this kind of Ombre has more gradient shift into it. This can be easily achieved by adding another, third, hair color. Or, if you want to keep it looking more natural, make it one base and two toned highlights for your tips.

5. Single Colored Crowns

After a long romance with highlights, many are aching to loose the extra tone or gradient look. This spring, you will start noticing a single hair color on famous celebrity crowns once again. If you want superbly natural looking hair this season that is as fresh as spring itself, you may want to dare the single colored hair once again.

If you prefer this style, jazz up your locks in deep browns or espresso browns. The best deep browns are those hues where you can almost see natural highlights when the sun shines on your streaks in daytime. Espresso Browns give you a seemingly gradient combination of black, brown and something gray in there but, like the deep browns, it’s really just one solid color. The nice, deep color of these hues give you an almost and instantly mysterious character. It gives your style and personality a certain edge to it like you have never sported attitude before.

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No matter what color you choose to make your locks this season, remember that fashion never really knows no absolute boundaries. The single rule of thumb you should follow is always the same: if it feels good, it’s right for you!


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