5 Romantic Ways to Propose


Asking the love of your life to marry you can be a very difficult task (and nerve-racking at that!). Most men want to create an ultimate gesture by coming up with a unique marriage proposal. However, almost everything has been done and there are only very few unique ways to propose. Remember that it’s the thought that counts so you don’t have to spend a lot of money for your proposal. You just have to make it memorable and special. Here are 5 romantic ways to propose:

    Romantic Ways to Propose
  • Recreate your first date or go to the place where you first met for the proposal. This will bring back lots of memories and also help create the right mood. Your partner will surely appreciate the effort and give you that “yes” you want.
  • Create a grand gesture and surprise her with a dinner/proposal with her family and closest friends. Asking her father for her hand is also a gesture that she can also appreciate. Remember that she will never forget your actual proposal so choose your words carefully. You can also write down the proposal and read it to her in case you get nervous and forget what you want to say.
  • A simple dinner date out or at your home can be a good intimate proposal. Remember that the proposal doesn’t have to be grand to be memorable. You can cook her favourite food and wait for the right moment for the proposal. Avoid the ring in the food or ring in the champagne proposal to avoid an accident. Getting down on one knee and proposing is one of the most romantic ways to propose.
  • Do a surprise picnic in your favourite spot bringing back happy memories you have together. You can also spell out “Marry me” using some flowers, stones or seashells. You can also write a message in a bottle and place it somewhere at the beachside. Of course, make sure she finds it.
  • Buy a box of her favourite chocolate. Remove one block and replace it with engagement ring. Remember that the element of surprise is very important to make the proposal more memorable.

There are many other ways to propose. Just remember that it is not how much you spend or how grand the proposal is all that’s important. What matters most is to make the proposal memorable and significant to both of you. If she really loves you, she will appreciate the heart and hard work you put into your marriage proposal, and of course say her sweet “yes!”


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