5 Ways to Feel Good and Look Good During Yoga


You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.
– Mr. Yoga

Forced into the jungle called “modern life”, every human being is exposed to immense amounts of stress, sort of stress that is often difficult to deal with individually. For this reason, people turn to therapy for consultations, fitness for letting out all of the negative energy, going away for the weekend to spas as a break from reality and yoga that helps them learn to live in an overwhelming surroundings and learn how to deal with it, while at the same time finding peace on the inside.

Yoga is probably the best thing that can happen to a modern person. It is a physical exercise (although not too intense) and at the same time a mental stimulus that motivates your whole body and mind to change, adapt, solve problems and find inner harmony.

Just as we like looking good in the streets, we like looking good while we exercise and doing just that while doing yoga is more than possible, especially because there isn’t too much of excessive sweating so your cute I-woke-up-like-this vibe will radiate happiness.

Here are 5 ways to feel good and look good during yoga, while repeating your mantras and balancing out your inner world with the outer conditions.

1. Wear Gear made of Natural Fibers

Wear Gear made of Natural Fibers

Sure, yoga pants are a big hit, especially if your bum is apple shaped and you pride on what your mama gave you. But the thing is, they are often not of natural fibers and can cause discomfort and too much sweating. The trick to looking good is to feel good in what you are wearing, so opting for a bit looser pants (not too loose, though) of natural fibers may be the first step to looking great. We’d always suggest Leonisa shapewear as it features amazing gear that’s crafted after everyone’s tastes and more importantly – everyone’s size and shape.

2. Be Clean and Smell Good

This is probably something that goes without question, but lead by some unpleasant (read: smelly) experiences from the yoga practice, we should mention that hygiene plays a big role in feeling good. Make sure you come to practice showered and smelling like your favorite body lotion. The smell alone will inspire you and relax you. Make sure your hair is clean also so that you can let it loose at any point if you feel like the hair band is too much.

3. Use makeup, but just a little bit

Use little bit Makeup

If you are feeling more confident with a bit of makeup on your already gorgeous face, then upgrade your look with a bit of waterproof mascara and a nude lipstick or chopstick. They will give your face the glow you need and make your eyes pop. Avoid wearing powder and blush when working out as you may suffer blemishes, redness and all kinds of irritations.

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4. Opt for a crop top or a loose top

If you already have a rocking body, looser pants and a crop top will make you look insane! Plenty of celebrities are rocking this style as it’s making them feel super confident and beautiful. You can also opt for yoga pants and a looser top, to add contrast but still show off your figure. You can even opt for shorts if you want to show off your toned body and prove everyone your yoga classes weren’t for nothing!

5. Embrace Accessorize

Embrace Accessorize

Upgrading your hairstyle with a cute hairclip, hairband or even a flower will make you the goddess of yoga! The accessorize will add freshness to your look, especially if you’ve got a French braid, messy bun, ponytail or a fishbone as your hairstyle choice. Be free to switch it up from time to time as an element of surprise.

Feeling good and looking good at the same time… is there anything as stimulating as that? Hardly!

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