5 Ways to Stay Tanned This Winter


One thing that never goes out of style is having glowing, gorgeous skin. In the winter achieving this look becomes a bit more difficult. Tan skin makes you look more youthful and vibrant and you appear to glow from the inside out. During the winter you don’t spend as much time outside and sun tanning isn’t really possible unless you want to get frostbite.

Many people resort to going to the tanning bed in the winter to get beautiful, sun kissed skin. But as you may know going to the tanning bed can result in permanent damage on your skin; tanning beds can cause your skin to take on an uneven leathery texture. Tanning beds may even leave you with a higher risk of cancer. However, there are a few ways that you can achieve a terrifically tan complexion without ever having to step foot in the tanning bed!

1. Use a Self-Tanner

This is definitely one of the most effective and cost friendly ways to stay tan in the winter. You can get self-tanning systems from specialty skin care stores or from the drugstore. They are safe for use on the skin and usually last for about a week. It is convenient because you don’t have to worry about setting an appointment and making it there on time, you can tan yourself at home whenever you feel like taking the time to apply the product.

You should be aware that applying self-tanner does take a small degree of skill. You have to make sure that your skin is exfoliated before you put the tan on and you don’t want to apply any of the areas in a way that would make the tan patchy or uneven. You may not have a flawless finish on your fist try, but once you get used to the process you’ll find that you have the same results as you would get if a professional applied your tan.

Use a Self-Tanner

2. Wear Bronzer

Applying a little of bronzer is an excellent way to give your face and body an instant glow. All you have to do is find a bronzer that compliments your skin tone and shade and dust it on with a makeup brush. You may already be using it on the high points of your face to give your complexion a bit of a glow but what you may not know is that you can also use bronzer on your body if you have a special event that you want to look great for or if you just feel like giving yourself a little pick me up. You can use your makeup brush to dust a bit of bronzer on your décolletage, collar bone, arms and your legs. You will look like a Hollywood star that has an entire glam team on call in no time!

3. Get a Spray Tan

This method is one that is likely to provide you with effective results but it can be a bit more costly than the other methods that are listed in this article. You will need to find a tanning salon that offers this service, schedule an appointment, and make time in your schedule to get there. Spray tans are applied using specially designed spray guns that provide a fine mist of tanning solution on the skin. This is what gives the skin a naturally tanning look. You should also ensure that the salon that you are going to give quality spray tans. Just like with self-tanning, you should make sure to exfoliate and scrub your body well the night before. When your skin is smooth the tan can apply much more smoothly.

4. Use a Tanning Lotion

Use a Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotion is another cost effective method to give your skin a tan glow in the wintertime. All you have to do I apply the lotion evenly on your skin as you would with any other lotion. They are awesome because they provide your skin with moisture as well as a radiant glow. This method is not one that you should use if you want an instant tan. Tanning lotions work gradually and it can take weeks for you to see significant results. However, they are great if you want to provide a natural, subtle tan to the skin and you are okay with it taking it a bit of time. These lotions are also a great way to extend your self-tanner or your spray tan.

5. Layout in a Sun-room

You may not be able to sit out in the sun in your garden or lawn but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on being able to tan using the sun altogether. You can sit out in a sun room or any room that has access to sunlight like a room that has large windows. Indirect sunlight will provide you with a subtle tan depending on how much light you have access to and the amount of time that you spend within its reach. You may also find that you are much more relaxed and uplifted!


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