6 Hippy Style Clothing and Makeup to Try on the Beach


If you planning a special way to spend your 2015 summer vacation, think about the relaxed, hippy style at the beach. From top celebrities to global icons, like Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot, Alessandro Ambrosino and Veruschka, it will be an amazing summer with mixed up crotchet, silk and gladiator sandals. This is not only an inspiration, but an awesome way to have fun as you unwind from busy days at work or class. Before you start your summer vacation, your wardrobe and high-tech gadgets will determine how comfortable you will be when spending some time in your favorite beach destination. Here are some styles to make your vacation feel as cool as you should be:

1. Accessories

  • Bag: As you celebrate the new season’s trend, timeless elegance bags made of natural leather with and luxury skin as well as dominant colors of red, black and grey should be your best choice. Don’t forget to select the one with fun finishing touches to enhance your hippy style.
  • Shoes: The gladiator sandal with its slanting graphic cut outs is the classic summer shoe for women to play with. This is a simple outfit that will add interest when exploring on the beach. Since its shape and style are attention getters, you don’t have to go for bold colors or pattern. A black pair will do the trick.
  • Swimwear: For summer 2015, swimwear sculpt your body with graphic shapes, specially designed with deep black colors that contrasts with golden tan and white sandy beach. Irrespective of your size or shape, you should choose a swimwear that makes you feel comfortable while flattering your body the way it is.

2. Dressing


If you are an adult woman but wants to look like an awesome hippie girl in her twenties, you should be able to do it without any inhibitions. Start by selecting your favorite hippie dress for summer vacation or make your own clothes. Select loose, comfortable and natural tops made from cotton. You can also try out a vest to accessorize with other tops. While the vintage denim jacket happens to be the classic hippie, you can still try other options. A faded, patched or torn jeans work best if the rest of your outfit is sufficiently hippie. Ripped or torn denim shorts are also great for your hippy style on the beach. If the weather allows, you can utilize the many options available. For a gypsy style, consider loose, flowy skirts, tunics or sundresses.

3. Jewelry

A handcrafted jewelry will give you the hippy look for this summer on the beach. You can try long beaded necklaces made from natural stones, seashells or peace charms. For your ears, think about ethnic-inspired earrings. Select a wide leather belt or a chain belt if you feel like supporting your dress or trouser. You can also slap some ankle bell to be heard by your peers when miles away. A silent anklet will also make you hippy!

4. Embroider

Your clothes need to be embroidered with brightly colored flowers, slogans, stars, birds or other symbols to give you the hippy style during summer. If you prefer, you can also embroider your face using slogans or symbols. However, use a face paint that you can readily get rid of after the vacation is over.

5. Hairstyle


You can put a headband horizontally across your forehead and decorate it with a flower or flower clip. If you can’t get a headband, make your own with string or a stretchy fabric made of cotton or other elastic material. Style your hair minimally by leaving it loose with low maintenance. Use a braid, a ponytail or two if you prefer your hair tied. People who are capable of dealing with deadlocks for a hippy style vacation should know they are notoriously difficult to maintain and should be committed before they take the leap.

6. Makeup

You don’t need to wear makeup if you are a woman planning a hippy style vacation at the beach. If you must put make up, keep it to a minimum. You can consider a bit of black kohl to outline your eyes. Skip lipstick and other outrageous cosmetic products. Try your best to be natural and always ensure that you wear a sunscreen protection for the sake of your skin’s health.


A hippy style on the beach during summer is characterized by symbols, jewelry, and clothing that is inspired by Native Americans. Ornaments are mostly made with natural fibers, such as leather, wool and cotton. You should steer clear of synthetic materials and keep all grooming natural and unscented. Irrespective of whether you are attending a costume party or changing your style, looking like a hippie doesn’t involve much work. The hippie style gives you an opportunity to express yourself, without necessarily enhancing your appearance. Hippies believe that being natural is more beautiful.


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