6 Popular Hair Color Tone For Fall Winter 2015


Irrespective of whether your hair is red, blonde or brown, there are plenty of hot new colors for every shade this fall and winter. This is in reference to Maggie Castellanos who is a colorist at Marie Robinson Salon located in New York City. According to the 2015 fall/winter fashion trends prints and patters, there are fantastic, bizarre and enthralling hairstyles that are continually emerging every season. Fantastic and natural hair colors were the dominant hairstyles that were trending on the Fashion Week runways across the globe during the fall 2015. Let’s have a look at 6 popular hair color tone for fall and winter 2015:

1. Chestnut Crush

This usually consists of warm brunette base that comes along with honey and caramel painted highlight for your strands. While this color combination is suitable for every skin type, it best matches people with cool toned skin. Irrespective of your hair type, the highlights will definitely be flattered by the placement. It is worth noting that if you will be changing your hair color tone during the fall and winter seasons, you should as well tweak your makeup to enhance your overall appearance. Note that you can make and use your own chestnut crush hair color using natural ingredients instead of chemicals that can make your scalp and strand susceptible to damages.

2. Radical Reds

These usually come in dimensional red hues that vary from burgundy to intense reds. They happen to some of the best and hot style for the fall and winter season. You can try this style irrespective of whether you have short or lengthy strands. They best match cooler toned skin types that work well with a mix of red tones. If you have curly or wavy hair textures, you can amp with a mix of red tones to look even more amazing and attractive. You shouldn’t be afraid of trying something a little exciting with this style, like a fire engine red for the ends of your strands.

3. Ice Queen

Ice Queen

With the cold seasons around, it is worth channeling your inner ice queen with some icy shades of blondes, which are usually achieved through a double process. Regardless of your skin type, you can still have a flattered look of these opalescent tones, especially if you have naturally lighter hair which is lifted best and most evenly. Please note that for you to try the ice queen style, your hair must be very healthy because this hair color process happens to be an intense one. It is thus important to have a detailed conversation with your trusted hair colorist before you take the plunge. Otherwise, the results might be totally different from what you had expected.

4. Soft and Subtle Honey

Look amazing and cozy with this honey-colored base that is alternated with warm and cool toned colors that are softly placed on your hair highlights. They are suitable for people with warmer skin tones and every hair type. Even if you are a brunette, there is no need of going for darker colors this fall or winter. You can still get the beautiful results with the soft and subtle honey hair color tones that are lighter and warm. Isn’t that all you need to feel during the chilly months?

5. Brilliant Bayalage

If you are blonde, a full head with beautifully hand painted highlights is all you deserve to delicately blend with cool and warm color tones during the chilly months. This style best suit naturally lightly colored hair types if your goal is to achieve lighter levels of a blonde. Irrespective of whether your skin tone is warm or cool, you can still benefit greatly with this style. It is very important to look for a balayage expert within your area because you need a qualified hair colorist who has mastered the art of hair painting. You surely don’t deserve what you don’t expect!

6. Baby Blues

Baby Blues

There is no other great way to enhance your look this fall and winter season without adding a pop of bright color at the crown and around your face. This is one of the best ways to create a bold and dimensional appearance on the naturally deepened base color of your hair. You can also pair dark base colors with blue so that the cool tones radiate extra brightly. When it comes to this color scheme, it best suits people with cooler skin tones. It’s worth trying clip-in extensions if you are not ready for a full commitment in the bright pop of color department.


There are numerous hair color tone options for fall and winter this year you can try. Best matches are largely determined by the color and tone of your skin. You shouldn’t go to the extremes of trying some styles if your hair doesn’t meet the requirements of the involved processes. And this doesn’t only apply for these seasons; it’s your responsibility to ensure that the health of your strands remains at its best throughout the year. This can only be achieved by adopting a treatment routine that suits the needs of your hair and skin. Have a colorful season!


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