6 Reasons Why Your Hair Color or Texture is Changing


Both women and men spend an important amount of their time looking in the mirror. This is the moment when they analyze not only the skin but also the hair, noticing any changes whereas the texture or color is concerned. While it is true that it is possible to imagine such changes, it is just as true that there are a number of factors that can cause them to actually appear. In the paragraphs that follow, you will find six possible reasons why your hair texture or color have changed. Be sure to read all of them, along with a few suggestions on how to remedy them.

#1 Stress

As we live in the age of speed, stress has become the number one problem we have to deal with. We are always on the hurry, being pressed to work harder, do more things in a day and all of this pressure is clearly reflected in the health of our hair. Unfortunately, hair loss is one of the consequences of constant stress, along with changes in the texture or color. In order to avoid such problems, you have to handle stress in an efficient manner. In regard to the hair problem, you could try taking hair supplements, destined to reduce the impact of stress-related hormones at the level of the hair (making it stronger at the same time).

#2 Heat

Heat affects hair color changing

Let’s face it, our beauty routine includes blow-drying our hair, using the hair straightener, curler and so on. All of these things means that the hair is subjected constantly to a high temperature. Plus, using straighteners and curlers are also adding tension to the hair strands, making them prone to breakage. If you have noticed changes whereas the texture or color of your hair are concerned, it is time to switch your current products with those that are based on the ionic/ceramic technology. Plus, it is recommended to use the lowest heat setting available, to protect the hair strands from damage.

#3 Hair Treatments

Bleaching is one of the most commonly used hair treatments and, unfortunately, the one that caused the highest amount of damage. The same thing can be said about constantly dying your hair, which can modify the actual texture of the hair. And problems do not stop here. On the contrary, the latest trends in hair treatments, such as the application of keratin or other treatments recommended for straightening one’s hair, are just as damaging. It seems that such products have a negative impact on the hair texture, so you might want to steer away from them.

#4 Aging

Aging Affects Hair Color Change

The hair is one of the first places in the body to provide you with signs of aging. White hair strands are encountered in people who have begun to age, being caused by the buildup of hydrogen peroxide at the level of the hair shaft. This actually destroys the color pigment of the hair, causing it to become gray or white. Depending on your genetic inheritance, your hair might show its signs of aging at a later or sooner period in time. It is important to understand that genetics also have an influence on the texture of your hair. While the signs of aging cannot be stopped, you by a little more time by applying natural remedies to your hair (with nourishing properties).

#5 Illness

If you have noticed changes whereas the color or texture of the hair are concerned, this might be an early sign of an underlying medical problem. Such changes are often seen in those who suffer from iron-deficiency anemia or in those who present abnormally low-levels of vitamin D, due to the insufficient sun exposure. Similar problems are encountered in those who suffer from thyroid disorders at the same time. In the situation that you are experiencing such health problems, getting treatment for the underlying condition will also improve the health of the hair.

#6 Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in which there are a lot of hormonal fluctuations, which can modify both the color and texture of the hair. It is important not to panic and understand that these changes are only temporary and that your hair is going to go back to normal, a couple of months after you’ve given birth. During the pregnancy period, you can apply natural remedies to the hair, in order to protect it from the consequences of hormonal fluctuations.

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These are the six possible reasons why your hair texture or color have changed on their own. However, it is important to understand that, in solving such problems, one must also address the underlying problem. As with any other problem, it is not enough to solve the symptoms, you have to address the root cause and you will have a healthy-looking set of hair.


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