6 Tips for Eye Makeup To Go From Blah To Wow


We all have one area on our face where we need to focus more attention to and spend more time “fixing”. Some people need some work to make their noses optically seem more pointed. Some people need to work their lips. For most people, who don’t have long, curly lashes nor outstandingly arched eyebrows, the eyes need more work, and that can take up a lot of time if you don’t have the basic how to’s to guide you while you’re at it.

Below are 6 tips to make your eyes capture the attention of people around you.

Tip # 1: Prime skin around your eyes. Prime skin, including eye area, with a good essential oil like argan oil, rose oil or lavender oil which are easily absorbed by skin and deeply penetrates it. Using a circular massaging motion, work the oil into your skin. Wait for the oil to be completely absorbed before applying a makeup primer. Makeup primer, on the other hand, helps keep skin’s natural oils from eating up your eye makeup, giving your makeup longer staying power without drying up your skin.

Tip # 2: Consider wearing colored contact lenses. A sure fire way of drawing attention to your eyes and give yourself that magnetic stare is to wear colored contact lenses. Wear a color that is only slightly different from your natural eye color. For extremely noticeable eyes, wear wild eyes. These contact lenses will certainly make your eye pop and give them more expression.

Wearing Colored

Tip # 3: Give yourself perfectly arched, naturally looking eyebrows. Eyebrows give your face character. Many, however, either have eyebrows that are too thick or too thin. Give your eyebrows a good trimming, plucking or threading on a regular basis so they stay well-groomed and in shape. Keeping your eyebrows well-kept is important in flattering your look and in making it easier and more convenient for you to put on eyebrow makeup whenever you need to.

For those who have thick eyebrows, use eyebrow pencil in the shade of your natural eyebrows. Lightly and gently stroke across both eyebrows, following the natural shape of your eyebrows.

For those who barely have eyebrows, you need to do more work on your brows. Take your eyebrow pencil then measure the endpoint of the inner side of your eyebrows by aligning one tip of the pencil to the outer side of your nose. The point directly above this side of your nose and where it crosses your eyebrows will become the inner tip of your eyebrows.

Keeping one end of the pencil on the outer side of your nose, let the pencil cross the outer end of your eye. Where this diagonal line crosses the eyebrow, that’s where the outer tip of your eyebrow should be. Approximate the center of your eye. Where the vertical line touches your eyebrow is where the highest point of your eyebrow should be. Do the same for your other eyebrow.

Once you have your markers, use your eyebrow pencil at the color closest to your natural eyebrow color, to draw your eyebrows. Use light, hairlike strokes. For those with thin eyebrows and oily skin, consider using semi-permanent eyebrow makeup which come in liquid and gel forms. To give it a more natural finish, draw on your eyebrows using eyebrow pencil that is of the same color as your gel liner. Use light strokes.

Light Strokes

Tip # 4: Line your eyelids. Accentuate your eyes by lining your lids with nude or metallic colored eyeliner, best in liquid or gel form. If you have average sized eyes or thin eyes, draw a very thin eyeliner on your eyelids to keep your eyes from looking even smaller.

For those with naturally big eyes, use darker eyeliners to line your lids. This makes your eyes seem smaller. Try drawing thicker lines to make your eyes seem even smaller.

In all cases, draw an upward line at the outer tips of your eyes. This gives an illusion of firmer skin around your eye area, and greatly serves those with aging skin. For either mature or young skin, however, this so-called cat-eye gives your eyes an instantly flattering and sexier look.

Tip # 5: Flatter your eyes more by using a metallic highlighter. This draws attention to the inner side of your eyes, and anywhere else on your eyelids or eyebrow area.

Tip # 6: Give your lashes an extra oomph! Take your lash curler and heat it briefly using your hair dryer so you get curled lashes with improved staying power. Use a lash primer before putting on your mascara.

If you don’t like the smudge or the stiffness that normally comes with mascaras, consider getting eyelash extensions done on you. Eyelash extensions not only give your eyelashes a more natural look but, also helps you save lots of time and effort trying to get your eyelashes curled and made up properly. It’s ultimate convenience for the busy body.


Win over attention with these simple tips and tricks. Go strut and work it, honey!


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