60s Twiggy Eyelashes Makeup is the Fall’s OMG! Beauty Trend


For years, we have all been avoiding mascara clumps like the plague. But recently, long, spidery eyelashes have been all over magazines, runway shows, and red carpet events.

Celebrity makeup artist Marni Burton even claims that the newest eyelashes makeup fashion trend this fall focuses on using negative spaces, such as the negative space eyebrows trend.

This also means that instead of defining and lengthening each lash strand evenly and perfectly, the focus is on emphasizing the thickest parts of your lashes even more and leaving noticeable spaces in between them. The gaps are then said to create a different but equally flattering volumizing effect.

What most people don’t know, however, is that this crazy trend has already gained popularity back in the days. Thanks to Twiggy Lawson, a supermodel in the 60’s, we have something to look into and follow for the clumpy eyelash trend.

The way the bold, clumpy, lashes frame the eyes really gives you that doll-like appearance. It’s no wonder, then, why Twiggy eyelashes are now trending and resurfacing. To learn more about the Twiggy makeup 60s trend, continue reading below!

Twiggy Eyelashes makeup

Twiggy was the name by which Lesley Lawson, an English model, singer, and actress has come to be known. She was a British pop culture icon and prominent young model in London in the 1960’s.

She was iconically known for her thin body built, which sprouted to her nickname, and her androgynous features of short hair, big round eyes, and of course, her thick, long, and clumpy eyelashes.

Her eyelashes are the reason why many makeup artists then and now have adapted her 60s vintage makeup look. Today, it is now a subject of makeup tutorial Twiggy blogs.

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Tips to achieve Twiggy Eyelashes

Here’s a Twiggy makeup step by step instruction and guide. Included also are some eyelashes makeup tips and other tricks to achieve the super model’s iconic look.

Step 1. Prepping the face

Twiggy Eyelashes

The first step is, of course, to wash your face and pat it dry. Then, apply a thin layer of concealer, some powder, and a light blush-on. Lightly apply a little powder underneath the eyes or concealer for eyes to hide dark circles and bags and also help prevent falling eyeshadow from ruining your look. This will make it easier to brush away. You can also use this chance to thin out and refine the shape of your brows. Or, you can opt for eyebrow microblading for a more permanent eyebrow shape. This is convenient especially if it is hard for you to naturally grow eyebrows.

Step 2. Eyeshadow application

Eyeshadow Application for Twiggy eyes

Once you’re finished prepping your face, apply a pearly white or any other light shade of eyeshadow on the eyelids, in the corners of the eyes, and underneath them. This is optional, and Twiggy did not always do this. The purpose of this step is to enhance and enlarge the eyes.

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Step 3. Highlighting the crease

Using an angled shadow brush or a small tightlining waterline eyeliner, draw a line above the natural crease of the eyelids. You can use a grey, black, or dark brown eyeshadow for this. It’s best to use loose powder, but a pencil liner can also be used. Just make sure to smudge the line.

Step 4. Eyeliner on the lids

Eyeliner on eye lids

Now for the tricky part, dampen a cotton bud and keep it accessible for liquid liner and eye makeup removal in case of errors. Choose a liquid liner that makes even lines and do not streak.

This is how to draw on eyelashes with eyeliner: begin lining around your eyelids from the outer edge and as close to the lash line as possible. Gradually make the line thinner as you go towards the inner corner. Twiggy uses a few winged eyeliner tricks so that the line extends past on both corners of the eyes, forming wings and meeting the crease line.

Step 5. Eyelashes

For the eyelashes, pick a good lengthening mascara and brush on several coats. You may blink on a clean tissue or a finger between each coating to prevent too much clumping.

After applying a coat or two, get a fresh mascara coating on the applicator wand. Then, dab the applicator bristles all over your lashes, starting from the base (closest to the lash line) and working your way up. Twiggy has slightly clumpy lashes, so do not swipe the applicator through the lashes as this could break up the lash clusters.

If you can’t achieve the desired amount of clumping and volume, there is always the option of using false eyelashes instead. Choose one that is very thick, long, and exaggerated, but not uncomfortable to wear.

Apply glue on the lash line and then place the lashes so that the longer fibers are on the outer edge. You may even use tweezers to hold, press, and properly position the lashes on your lids while also preventing glue from sticking to your fingers.

This can be frustrating to do but going slowly but surely is the key. Try to put the lashes as close to your natural lashes as possible. You may also have to reapply liner to correct smudges due to the glue.

For naturally improving the length and thickness of your lashes, you can use Eyelash enhancers. The Feg eyelash enhancer is a popular choice.

Step 6. Apply liner on the lower lash line

liner on the lower lash line

To further emphasize the already dramatic eyes, line your lower lashes like Twiggy does. If you want a toned down version, apply multiple mascara coats or Twiggy false eyelashes instead.

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Step 7. Final touches

For the last step, clean off any stray shadow or eyeliner. Apply a pearly pale pink shade of lipstick and top it off with a smooth layer of gloss.

Twiggy 60s Makeup Tutorial | MOD Graphic Liner & Eyelashes | 1960s Transformation


That’s it! Now you could be rocking this retro makeup and lashes by Twiggy. The hard part is applying the mascara and perfecting the lashes. But with patience and lots of practice, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Now that you have tried and seen it on yourself, is it a yay or a nay? As for me, I don’t even know how we came to forget and forsake Twiggy’s eyelash technique! It’s amazing!


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