7 Beauty Mistakes you Need to Avoid This Summer


Summer time is here with us; a lot of fun, warm weather, free time, more time to spend with family and friends. However, it is the season when most of the deadly beauty mistakes are committed. Here are 7 beauty mistakes that you should avoid as you enjoy the warm summer weather.

1. Skipping Moisturizer

Skipping Moisturizer

Just because your skin feels oily throughout the summer season, you might opt to quit using your daily facial moisturizer. This is a grave mistake; there are many reasons why you should continue using your moisturizer all through. First, whenever you stop hydrating your skin, it respond by producing more essential oil to get rid of the dryness thus blocking the skin pores. Second, most of the lotions contain traces of SPF that is essential for defending your skin against the harmful ultra violet rays which cause cancer and speed aging signs.

Finally, quitting moisturizer might create some imbalance in the skin. As the skin try to adjust to the changes, it may results to breakouts. Therefore, continue using your moisturizer as usual.

2. Forgetting the Eye Primer

Due to the warm weather conditions, makeup usually slip off more easily. Therefore, whenever you are applying an eye-shadow, first use the primer on your eye lids. Eye shadow primers are ideal at absorbing excess moisture via your eyelids as well as maintaining the colour of the eye shadow throughout the day. In addition, eye shadow primers retain the colour fairly and lively.

3. Embracing the Ponytail always for your Hair

Ponytail always for your Hair

Avoid placing your hair up like a ponytail. This is because the small hair ties are harmful unlike the way they appear. If you get used to placing your hair like a ponytail, it might break. Therefore, to avoid breaking your hair, put it down; soft headband is a perfect option. Hair takes a lot of time and energy to grow, thus should be treated with care.

4. Forgetting Sun Protectors

Not wearing sun protection factor (SPF) daily is a terrible mistake. Long contactwith UV rays may cause sagging, wrinkles, dryness, cancer and age spots. Regardless of the weather, SPF should be a must. Choose a cream with an SPF of about 20.

5. Make-up Mistakes

Make-up Mistakes

Avoid using mascara and eyeliner on the lower lashes. Using a lot of makeup on the lower lid can make your eyes to appear droopy and attract dark circles and hollows. Use a volumising and a lash curlers on your upper lashes.

Avoid metallic eyeshadows, matte lipstick and thick foundation. Choose matte shadows and a glossy lips that reflects your natural skin colour. To crown your appearance, make use of a cream blush on your cheeks.

6. Using Self-Tanner in the Morning

Using self-tanner in the morning may seem fashionable. However, you might suffer horrible consequences later. To enjoy maximum benefits of self-tanner, apply it at night before retiring to bed. This will offer ample time for it to sink in the skin.

7.Packing on the Powder

Packing on the Powder

If you are decide to quite using moisturizer to avoid oily skin, you can opt to pack your skin with powder. This will make your makeup appear like a mask. Packing your skin with powder might block your skin pores resulting to breakouts. Therefore, apply smooth and mild powder just enough to keep your skin refreshing and soft.

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Avoiding these 7 mistakes will make you enjoy your summer holiday. There will be no extra cost to treat your skin after summer vacation.

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