7 Essential Pieces Owned By Celebrities Worth below $100


There are very many entrepreneurs in this world and most of them have different marketing strategies for their products. One of the ways is using celebrities to advertise their products either through having your product in their possession in public or by encouraging people to buy. Since the celebrities have greater influence on people the product will be bought by most of their fans. However, most celebrities tend to buy those most expensive things which are not affordable to middle class people. There are exceptional relatively cheap pieces that are bought by celebrities costing below $100. Some of these pieces include;

1. Romber


This is a short like lower outfit that was worn by Rees Witherspoon. When worn it is looks like a mini-skirt but there is some element that makes it appear like a short. Let us just say it is something between a short and a mini-skirt but the point is it looks very beautiful especially when worn with a yellow sunny sweater, the exact Witherspoon’s outfit. It is official that its cost is $32 dollars, a price that is affordable to anyone who is fashionable. It is something that is worth just half a tank of a gas. It was also worn by Olivia Palermo who is one of the celebrities.

2. Wedge shoes

While most of us concentrate so much on the clothing and facial appearance, shoes are also as important as the clothes. Shoes fashion started with sharp heeled shoes and was really liked by many people although not all the people could withstand the sharp heels. The fashion industry realized that and introduced wedges in their favor. There are Niskera wedge open shoes is one such pair was worn by Vince Camunto one of the celebrities. It costs only $50 a price that is affordable to many and is quite fair considering the quality of the shoe.

3. Floral skirt

Floral skirt

In the recent past most ladies especially the teenagers had switched to wearing trouser but the cycle has come back to wearing skirts. Floral skirt is one fashionable skirt that has been accepted by many people including the celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio. It is a long skirt with an open slit that is well designed to attract the eyes of very fashionable women. It brings that gorgeous, presentable and sexy look in a woman, something most men would love. It is available at $99.

4. Boyfriend Shirt

This is one of the trendy shirts that look so amazing especially when worn with trousers. It is one of the most popular upper outfits that have been adopted by many individuals regardless of their social class. J. Crew is in possession of such shirt that is stripped. It brings out a beautiful casual look on her. It is both suitable for appearance on stage and when even having walks along the beach with tight shorts that are above the knee. It costs $78 dollars a price that is not only for celebrities.

5. Almost transparent floral shirt

Just like I had stated before, celebrities have great influence on people. For instance, Beyonce is one celebrity that is loved and famous all over the world. Most fans tend to imitate them in most things including the working style and the dressing style. Any way it is not such a bad thing because it is one way of appreciating although psychologist advocate for people being themselves rather than a copy of others. Leaving that aside, Beyonce is a fan of the floral shirts. It brings that sexy look in her especially now that she is the stage kind of a person. It goes at surprisingly $20 dollars.

6. Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt

Most of us like the stripped clothes and believe that they are the most beautiful design patterns in clothes but Kardashian proved this wrong. She recently came out with the doted pleat Midi skirt which looked so amazing. Considering Kardashian is one of the richest people this must be really an outstanding outfit if they can buy it at only $76. If you thought doted is not the best then think again. Everything is just as good as you will look at it.

7. Headband

We have all along been talking about clothes and shoes but here we are ready to make the hair look awesome with the cheapest price possible. Ropy headband is one accessory for the hair that is available at a price below $100 and is worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift. She reminds the people that the Headbands are not only worn during special occasion. It is worth only $32.


I have been thinking about what the definition of good really is because am totally in dilemma on this. This is because if one was to be given a cloth before a celebrity puts on, most would not appreciate it but once a celebrity is in possession the price even appreciates. Celebrities are like the determinants of the things that will be accepted in the society. For instance there are those people who believe that expensive things are the best and like buying them because very few can reach that class. The elaboration of the well known celebrities with the above relatively cheaper pieces shows as that when something is beautiful price doesn’t matter and neither is the person who will wear.


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