Get Smoky Eye Look with these 7 Eyeshadow makeup Blending Brushes


When beauty has become the only thing that most people learn for, the beauty industry never hesitates to invent more and more tools that will ensure efficient application of makeup. In the traditional set up there was no complex artificial substances applied on our skins that would need well designed tools for application. Only the readily available traditional tools such as in some African countries a cloth for applying simple face powder was the only requirement for makeup. In today’s modern society a lot of substances have been introduced and their tools of application. One of the substances introduced is the Eyeshadow which is applied above the eyelashes. Having mentioned eyeshadow, I will introduce you to the types of eyeshadow makeup blending brushes and how to use them for your smokiest look;

1. Fluffy Bristle Brush

This is a brush that is used to apply eye shadow at the areas above the eyelashes. It can also be used to apply highlighter on the cheeks. You can ask for eyeshadow brush and find it at a cheaper price on any beauty shop. While most of us like being economical, this brush is purposely designed to save you the struggle. This is due to its multi-purpose nature.

2. Eyeliner Brush

In today’s society, smoky look is like the order of the day and as we all know almost all the teenage are never left out when it comes to what is trendy. If you are a teenager, don’t stress out on the smoky appearance because the eyeliner brush makes everything smoky perfect. Want to have a smoky look? Eyeliner brush is the best choice for you. It is majorly used to soften the eyeliner but can also be used to apply the shadow on the brow bone especially when applying thick and large amounts of pigments. Don’t be surprised when you are told it is not available on shops. Always have smudge as its other name to reduce chances of such inconveniences.

3. Tapered Brush

If you are a makeup kind of a lady this is what you should never miss in that beauty box that is full of makeup. When using this kind of a brush a product is not necessary, it can be used alone. When used with a product the tip which is tapered tip enables one to apply a more concentrated pigment, something that is adored by many young people.

4. Duo-Fiber Blending Brush

4.Duo-Fiber Blending Brush

This brush can be found in two varieties; the one with white bristles and the one with red bristles. The bristles are less dense as you approach the edges making it more suitable for use without any products. When using the brush on the brow bone a little more pressure is required ensure the color sticks as expected.

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5. Petite Brush

Most of us have different tastes when it comes to applying eye shadows. Some like the concentrated shadow while others like the faint ones to maintain a little bit of their natural appearance since colors in the skin especially those that do not conform to the skin color makes someone artificial. The shorter the bristles of the brush, the more efficient on its work so when you are shopping know which petite brush to pick. You can obtain this brush over counter at 32 dollars.

6. Synthetic Brush No.08

This is a blending brush that is great in blending cream products. It is therefore used for applying eye shadow with minimum pressure and time requirement. When you are in a hurry of leaving this is the most suitable brush that won’t take much of your time. Just like the other brushes it can be obtained over counter at $ dollars.

7. Nyx Pro Brush

Nyx Pro Brush

This is a blending brush that can be used with or without colors. Most of the times, we apply makeup and sometimes accidentally spill it over the unintended places. This causes many unenlightened women a problem of using a very large though soft cloth to correct the mess. In the process the mess is even made worse due to rubbing the areas that are not supposed to be rubbed. If you are that kind then I would like you to graduate from the cloth and start using NYX Pro Brush to clear your mess and produce a neat appearance.

8. Mini Tapered Brush

This is a small blending brush that obviously has the characteristics of its efficiency in application of concentrated color like the other small ones. Unlike the fluffy tapered brushes, this works well when used for cut-crease look application. It is majorly used to apply an eyeshadow at the brow bone.

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It is always important for all of us to know the use of each of not only the eyeshadow blending brushes but also all other makeup brushes. This will help us use the minimum possible time when applying makeup and ensure an almost perfect appearance after makeup. This may sound too obvious but there are many people who have had to pay the price of neglecting simple things like this. Ladies are known to be responsible people and I don’t expect you to fail me in this and for makeup artist, I believe in your skills. Don’t forget to keep the brushes clean to avoid blaming infections on makeup.


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