7 Healthy Nail Habits Every Girl Should Try For A Stronger Mani


Always envied girls with stunning nails? Nails designed to ‘wow’ may have been genetically figured out but, most determining factors rely on how you’ve been giving your nails the attention and care they need.

Just as there are skincare and haircare routines that you can follow to achieve a healthy complexion and locks that make other people jealous, there are nail care tips you should subscribe to and follow religiously to achieve stronger nails that are well groomed, perfect for growing, and that can serve as an extension of your day-to-day self-expression.

7 Ways You Can Enhance Your Nails Health

Healthy nails aren’t hard to achieve. What’s probably more challenging is adhering to particular lifestyles and habits that promote your nails’ health — and that means, everyday, every time.

Below are 7 simple tips to keep your nails healthy and build them up for stronger manicure:

1. Moisturize Your Nails: Moisture is just as important for your nails as it is important to your skin and hair. Other than keeping your nails and fingers from drying, a good, habitual moisturization for your nails also prevents it from chipping away promotes the growth of thicker, stronger nails able to hold up your style when you polish them. Apply petroleum jelly nightly on your fingertips and toenails for heavy moisturization. Brush it off in the shower in the morning.

2. Keep Your Nails Neat and Well Groomed:

Neat and Well Groomed Nails

Cut and file your nails regularly. If you’re planning to use nail polish, make sure you take out excess and protruding cuticles and dead skin around your nails first to achieve that perfect, clean finish. If you’re going for a polish free look, you simply have to do the same too.

3. Make It A Habit To Check The Labels: Whether it’s your nail lacquer, cuticle remover or nail polish remover, make it habit to read what’s in them. Make sure your nail care products are free from parabens, toluene and formaldehyde — these are all highly toxic chemicals that won’t only weaken your nails but also, have very high potential of adversely affecting your overall health. When you see these, walk away or, if you’ve already bought the product, just throw these away — they’re just not worth your health and well-being at all.

4. Practice Healthy Nail Maintenance Tips All The Time

Healthy Nail Maintenance Tips

Nail care does not only have to happen every time you’re styling them up. Healthy nails can only be achieved with daily habits that promote healthier nails. Start by keeping your nails clean, filed, well groomed, well moisturized all the time. Include a nail brush in your shower routine so you can brush away impurities stuck on your nails everyday, ans while they’re wet and softened by water when you take a bath. Don’t get your hands dirty while they’re bare! Reach for those gloves. They won’t only do your nails good but keep skin on your hands supple to touch too.

5. Use Non Acetone Based Polish Removers: Harsh nail polish removers like the acetone based ones totally dry out your nails and skin surrounding them, in case you haven’t already figured it out. The good news is that, there are several other nail polish remover formulations already available in the market which are just as tough as acetone in removing old nail lacquers but, mild and gentle enough on your nails and skin to keep them from drying out.

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6. Set Aside Some Time To Give Your Nails A Break Every So Often: Give your nails some time to breathe. Set aside some days or weeks to lay your nails bare still, make sure they’re neat and clean. Refrain also from keeping nail polish on for more than a week, as this will certainly eat through your nails and stain them yellow. To make matters worse, keeping polish on for too long and not giving your nails a break from these products also weakens your nails.

7. Load Up On On A Healthy Diet

A Healthy Diet

Remember which part of the organ systems in your body your nails are a part of? They’re a part of your skeletal system yes, nails are an extension of your bones. To keep your nails healthy then, the good nourishing should go all the way into your body. Eat more of the fresh stuff that are good not only for your nails but for your overall health and well being as too. Load up on fruits, leafy greens and dairy for their calcium, vitamin and mineral content. If you think you’re not deriving enough vitamins and minerals from your diet, consider supplementation but, never take any supplement without consulting with your physician first.

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Your state of health can be evident in your nails. Check your nails more closely every so often for any yellowish or any other unhealthy marks. Consult with your physician to make sure you’re not missing out on any health signals your nails are trying to tell you.

Healthy nails can only be achieved with a healthy lifestyle and habits. Start by following these 7 good habits to make your nails healthier and stronger.


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