7 Interesting Ways To Reuse Your Unwanted Christmas Tree


When the festive season is around, there are plenty of activities but people often forget what will happen after the Christmas holiday is gone. For instance, what will you do with the unwanted Christmas tree and ornaments? Luckily, there are some ways through which you can compost your live Christmas tree, which makes it easier to recycle. And you can still reuse it in some other ways if it happens to be an artificial one. There is no need of giving it to the curbside recycling people. Here are 7 interesting ways to reuse your unwanted Christmas tree:

1. Replant Live Christmas Tree

You can definitely replant your Christmas tree if the roots are still intact. You will enjoy it for several years to come and perhaps it will turn out to be the nestling place for some birds. Isn’t it a good way to interact with nature? All you should do is to pack the earth ball that contains the roots in a bucket with sawdust and pot some soil or other mulch. Don’t forget to water it and plant it in your garden soon after Christmas. It will add some beauty to your home and there is so much you can get from it—firewood, wood, fencing posts and many more.

2. Edge Your Garden

You can cut off the branches from your Christmas tree and use the trunk to edge your garden. You can as well strategically place the trunk to serve as a resting place for birds in your garden. Squirrels and other little critters will also find a resting place in your home. In doing this, you will be extending the life of your Christmas to other creatures. And don’t forget that everything that is done with a good heart always returns with blessings.

3. Mulch Your Crops

You can simply compost your Christmas tree and use it to mulch your crops. Alternatively, you can donate it to organizations that have tree-tree recycling programs, whereby trees collected from residents are chopped up and used as mulch for plants in community parks or gardens. Contact the city hall to find out if such programs exist in your local area or have your Christmas tree chopped at your local garden centre and use it as ground cover for your crops. You can also give it to your gardener as a belated gift.

4. Warm Your House

Warm Your House

Get the trunk of your Christmas tree dried out and use it as firewood to warm your house in your fireplace. And thus there will be a warm day this winter? You can also light a bonfire with its trunk and branches to celebrate the dawn of a new year. It’s important not to light the branches inside your house because they can send off sparks and mess your house.

5. Enrich Your Garden

If you will still have your Christmas tree by the time dry weather appears, you can burn it down and spread the ashes in your garden. This will help to enrich the soil because trees are packed with nutrients and minerals that are essential in the farm. You will definitely get better yields in your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. Don’t forget to seek permission from the authority before burning your Christmas tree if your local community doesn’t allow it.

6. Donate it to Woodwork Hobbyists

Woodwork hobbyists can do a lot with your unwanted Christmas tree. They can utilize the trunk and branches to make a number of items such as Christmas reindeer, candlesticks, birdhouses and paperweights. Does this means what might sound invaluable after Christmas can also be turned into adorable ornaments by the creative minds? And it’s no wonder that you will find yourself purchasing the same ornaments as your special gifts to your loved ones next Valentine!

7. Fence Your Garden

Fence Your Garden

If you have perennial beds or nursery rows, place the whole boughs of your Christmas tree in your garden to protect your seedlings against winter freezes and spring thaws experienced during the festive season. The boughs help to maintain temperatures required by most seedlings to thrive. Alternatively, you can use the boughs as post-Christmas decorations in your house. And still the trunk from your Christmas tree can be used to replace a worn out fence post in your garden.


Christmas will come and go but lots of things will still remain. There are plenty of ways to recycle your unwanted Christmas tree and use it in a better way. Composting it is one of the best ways to recycle it. If donating it to nonprofit organization is not in your thoughts, you can use it to enrich your garden or decorate your home. You can plant it and add value to your home if it happens to be live. Make the best from your unwanted Christmas tree and you will always feel at your best!


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