7 Tips on How to Exfoliate Your Skin Naturally


Exfoliation is an important step in the skincare process. Even if you pile on the makeup, if your skin isn’t well exfoliated to begin with, you’ll end up with an unnatural finish and a pasty look that’s not attractive at all. So what should a girl do? Look in the kitchen for cheap ways to exfoliate. If you want to know how to make easy skin scrubs, read on for our list of 7 inventive ways to exfoliate skin.

Why Exfoliate Skin To Begin With?

7 Tips on How to Exfoliate Your Skin NaturallySkin that isn’t well exfoliated won’t be able to absorb moisturizers well. What’s more, makeup would look horrible on skin that isn’t exfoliated on a regular basis. There are chemical peels and other harsh ingredients that can exfoliate skin but that won’t do for people with sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive to strong ingredients, the solution to effective exfoliation can be in your kitchen.

Sugar Is Your Best friend

Sugar, especially the brown variety, makes for excellent face scrubs. It’s proven to be gentle and effective even for people with sensitive skin. For an even stronger face scrub, add coffee granules. The potent combinations of coffee and sugar will not only leave you smelling great but a heck of a combination that will leave you with a gorgeous glow. To complete this coffee-sugar scrub recipe, add yogurt and honey to make sure that your skin is softer than a baby’s bottom. If you want to up the ante, splash on a few drops of vanilla essence for a truly sweet experience that will rival any spa.

Salt to Transport You Overseas

Salt with any kind of oil will make for a lovely scrub. A combination of salt, olive oil, and some cinnamon powder is such a great combination. Another recipe that calls for salt is a few pieces of pineapple. Pound a few pieces of pineapple and add it to your salt scrub – this tropical combo is a bit like the scrubs offered in tropical beach hotels.

We’re Nuts for This Scrub!

Our fourth homemade recipe for glowing skin is nuts. Crush a handful of almonds until you achieve a powdery consistency. Use all-purpose cream as your base and add the nuts. The natural oils found in the almonds will combine with the cream and put you on sensory overload. Our fifth recipe calls for nuts again but this time use sesame oil for a more oriental scrub that that’s easy on the budget. Our sixth recipe is simply a variation – add sesame seeds for a more potent scrub.

Last But Not the Least

Our last recipe in our list of 7 inventive ways to exfoliate skin is the most decadent. Use any kind of chocolate you have on hand (powder works well here), cream, coffee granules, and brown rice crushed into a powdery consistency. Combine all the ingredients to make a truly luscious scrub that will leave you with the smoothest skin possible.


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