7 Perfect Makeup Primers


How would you know if you have bought the perfect makeup primer that’s right for your skin tone? That’s if you would look flawless after application and keep it that way longer. A good makeup primer should help finesse your foundation, making skin look smooth and velvety. It should prevent awkward foundation streaks and foundation residues from sitting on loose, flaky skin and onyour pores (yes, we all know having large pores especially on nose is such a bummer!), keep oil at bay and help correct skin issues, such as non-even skin tone, redness and fine lines.

As a makeup primer is a must-have in your makeup kit, it’s time to dive deeper into knowing the 7 top-rated makeup primers this year.

1. Pixi Flawless beauty primer

Pixi Flawless beauty primer

What to love about this product:

  • Non-greasy and easy to apply
  • Gives a gorgeous glow and velvety finish
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and does not trigger breakouts
  • Silicon-free
  • Contains skin-nurturing vitamins A, C and E

2. Mirabella Beauty Prime for Face and Eyes

What to love about this product:

  • Touted as the “best primer ever!”
  • Gives a flatter, velvety base for makeup
  • Glides well on skin
  • Gives a silky smooth finish
  • Has amazing staying power; makeup, including eye shadow stays on so much longer.

3. Arbonne Makeup Primer

Arbonne Makeup Primer

What to love about this product:

  • Gives a dewy glow
  • Soft and weightless as if it floats over the skin
  • Provides a flawless finish and long-lasting wear
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • The company does not use animal bi-products in their makeup line

4. Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hr Perfecting Primer

What to love about this product:

  • Camouflages pores
  • Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makes skin look matte and flawless
  • Makeup looks gorgeous and stays in place longer

5. LaRocca C-Gold Reparative Primer

LaRocca C-Gold Reparative Primer

What to love about this product:

  • It’s a serum made with gold – literally
  • Makes skin look younger and glowing
  • Smoothens skin and diminishes fine lines
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Gives noticeable anti-aging results in just 2-3 days

6. Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep

What to love about this product:

  • Hydrates, moisturize and perks up skin
  • Leaves flawless and natural finish
  • Illuminates skin
  • Light-weight
  • Makes it so much easier to apply make up
  • Has a refreshing scent

7. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

Laura Mercier Foundation

What to love about this product:

  • Comes in creamy gel that’s best blended with finger tips
  • Contains a pearly tint that blends into all skin tones
  • Makes skin look flawless
  • Prolongs the make up’s staying power
  • Packed with vitamins A, C,E that protect skin against harmful elements, like pollutants

Priming is important, but makeup primers are not created equal. Note that you must use the right primer based on your specific skin needs, your skin type and skin tone. It’s also great to know when to switch your primer depending on the season. For instance, it’s a great time to use a matte primer during fall, while a dewy primer looks amazing in the spring. Proper application is important too as primers come in gel, serum or cream.


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