7 Signs to Ensure Your Skin Needs a Heavier Moisturizer


There is nothing more worry than having a soft, radiant, clear skin then out of nowhere it changes to dry, red and flaky. Believe me; it can crash even the strongest of people, making them wonder what might be wrong. While you were busy trying to beat unimaginable deadlines and keeping up with the activities of life, something else was happening without you knowledge. Your skin was changing and to be honest, you never saw that one coming. You try all the lotions you know but nothing seems to work. Off you head to see your doctor. He looks at you; in your eyes he sees fear, of someone wondering what is happening. Your health is at stake here. Could it be the kidneys? He giggles then tells you there is nothing to worry about. You simply need a heavier moisturizer. Relieved, you head home and promise to take better care of yourself better.

Now that’s a typical scenario of what might happen for the skeptical kind like me. Those of us that find a tiny pimple on the face sending fear down the spine. To avoid all this, there are signs you can look out for to ensure you know if your skin needs a heavier moisturizer. They include:

1. Your Moisturizer Doesn’t Last

If you notice that your moisturizer dries off a few second after application, then you might need to invest in a heavier one. It is a polite notice that you need to change your current moisturizer as it’s not offering as much moisture as is needed by your skin. Invest in one that leaves your skin supple and radiant rather than tacky.

2. The Fine Lines And Wrinkles Are More Pronounced Now

Wrinkles Are More Pronounced

Age caught up with you real quick overnight, right? No? Drop the worries already and look for a better moisturizer. You may look for creams rich in humectants such as glycerin. These will help to bind the moisture to the skin and smooth the wrinkles and lines on the face. You don’t have to look older than you really are. If anything we wish you would look younger.

3. Skin Irritation When Outside

When the air is humid, you may notice that your skin becomes red or gets easily irritated. This is normal and is caused by conditions such as icy winds or drippy nose, triggering the irritation or redness. If you invest in a balmier cream, you are sure to protect your skin from such conditions as it acts as a winter jacket on your skin.

4. Tight Face

Crackly Looking Makeup

A tight face is a sign that your current moisturizer isn’t strong enough for your skin. Changes in the texture of the skin or itching are also clear signs you need to look out for. These signs indicate dryness and need to be tamed with the correct moisturizer as early as possible, before they cause any worry.

5. Dull Skin

If there is one thing you can never hide, is a hydrated skin. It will forever stand out. It glows and looks radiant all the time. The youthful appearance can’t go unnoticed. With this in mind, if your skin is under hydrated you can also tell. The skin will look lackluster and tired all the times. A better moisturizer will do just fine.

6. Flakes On Nose, Cheeks Or Chin

If you notice flakes on the face, it’s a sign that your skin needs more moisture. However, it will be great if you could exfoliate the before applying the moisturizer. It is a great way of getting rid of the dead skin cells, allowing the skin to breathe and absorb the moisture better. It will also ensure the flakes do not recur.

7. Crackly Looking Makeup

When the skin is not fully moisturized, it tends not to hold the makeup well on the skin. This result in the makeup looking like it’s going to crack and fall off in no time. To prevent this, ensure you apply the foundation before the moisturizer fully absorbs.

The reasons why the skin may need a heavier moisturizer are mostly environmental. As the temperature drops and humidity in the air decreases, the air tend to absorb moisture from our skins. Also, biting winds and indoor heat can cause a significant effect on the skin. As the seasons changes, there is need to change the products you use on your skin.


A glowing spectacular skin can be yours all throughout the year independent of the season. This is mainly achievable if you decide to take a little bit more care of your skin. Drink a lot of water and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Look out for the above signs and deal with them accordingly. If they persist, you may need to consult your doctor so that he (or she thereof) can determine what is triggering the changes on your skin. It might be the onset of something else thus there is need to be sure. After all is said and done, enjoy life. It’s a onetime offer; make the best out of it.


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