These 7 Things Will Happen If You Don’t Moisturize Your Face


As we age and begin to understand more about our skin and how to care for it we are told that we must cleanse, treat, and moisturize our faces every single day. But do we really need to repeat all of these steps, or is this three step system unnecessary?

It turns out that each of these three steps has their own specific purpose and you need them all in your routine in order to maintain healthy skin. The step that many people end up skipping out on is moisturizing. If you are someone who skips a step because you’re short on time or just don’t feel like following through on you routine then you making a grave mistake. Want to know why? Keep reading, we are telling you the seven deadly consequences of not moisturizing.

1. Dry Skin

This one is obvious but definitely worth explaining. You probably know that when you don’t moisturize your face that your skin will dry out, but what you may not know is the extent of the damage. When you cleanse your face you are taking moisture and natural oils out of your skin, if you continue to wash your face multiple times a day you are essentially stripping your skin over and over again and never replacing any of the moisture that you’re taking from it.

2. Wrinkles

Moisturize Skin Wrinkles

Wrinkles are something that no one wants to deal with we all want to keep our skin as supple and plump as we can for as long as we can. This is why so many men and women devote so much of their skin care efforts to anti-aging. One way that you can decrease the amount of wrinkles that you have and lessen the chance of deepening wrinkles that you already have is to moisturize. But how does not moisturizing lead to wrinkles? Here’s how: when you don’t moisturize your skin it tightens and you can actually cause premature wrinkles on your skin.

3. Dull Complexion

Another consequence of skipping out on moisturizer is that your complexion will look dull and sallow. When you moisturize the skin it looks more radiant and vibrant. However, when your skin is in need of moisture it loses its glow and takes on a lifeless, dark appearance. If you want to retain your youthful glimmer then moisturizing is a step that you can’t miss.

4. Dead Skin Cells Build Up

Dead Skin Cells Build Up

When your skin is very thirsty and dry the health of your skin is depleted. Your skin cells will start to die because they don’t have enough moisture and they will accumulate on your skin. What you see on the outside may be flaky, peeling skin but there is also a lot going on that you can’t see. Your skin cells can actually begin to burrow into your pores and block them, which can cause breakouts.

5. Flaky Skin

Your skin may be dry all over but when you don’t moisturize you may also have areas of skin on your face that flake off because they are so dry and in dehydrated. This may occur in small or large patches on your skin depending on what skin type you have and how dry your skin is. You may find that the patches occur in the same places on your skin, many people find that certain areas of their skin is more dry than others.

6. Patchy Makeup

If you want your makeup to go on smoothly and evenly you need to moisturize your face. The patchy, flaky skin that occurs when you don’t moisturize your face will cause your makeup make the texture of your makeup uneven and patchy. You will end up having to take your makeup off, exfoliate, moisturize then apply your foundation all over again.

7. Oil Overload

No one wants overly oily skin and because of this we start to think of the oil in our skin as something that we should try to eradicate. However, this isn’t so. The oil in our skin isn’t something that we should look at as a negative. Every pore on our face produces sebum; this is the naturally occurring oil that helps to moisturize our skin. Some people who have oily skin don’t moisturize their face because their skin produces an excess amount of oil. But everyone needs to moisturize their skin, even people with oily skin. When your skin becomes dried out it sends signals to send your oil producing glands in your pores into high gear. By drying your skin out you may actually end up causing your skin to become even oilier.

In Conclusion

Your skin needs moisture on the inside and out. In order to maintain healthy skin you need to be drinking plenty of water as well as moisturizing your face every day. Your skin is precious and although it is strong it is not invincible. To avoid these seven terrible consequences that happen when you don’t moisturize your face be sure to finish off your skincare routine with a moisturizer every single day.


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