7 Ways How to Get Instant Volume for Your Hair


How to Get Instant Volume for Your HairMany women with flat hair want to learn how to add volume to their locks for an alternative look. Flat hair can get boring after a while and it is more difficult to style. This is why it is important to learn how to get instant volume for your hair. It is also very important to learn how to do it the right in order to avoid looking tacky and silly.

Women have been experimenting with different ways to achieve this much desired look for decades. This is why there are now several effective methods available today to achieve this look easily.

First of all, remember that you should take into consideration your particular hairstyle and hair type. This will determine what method you should use in order to have the best results. For women with thick hair, getting a good haircut with layers can work wonders and this will make adding instant volume easier. For women with fine hair, research is important in order to learn the proper way.

7 Fabulous Tips to Get Instant Volume for Your Hair

  1. Maintain healthy hair by eating healthy food and give importance to vitamins for healthier health. Regular exercise improves body functions including hair growth.
  2. A good volumizing shampoo and conditioner (of trusted brand) can work wonders when use regularly. Most women don’t realize the effectiveness of these products.
  3. When applying a good volumizing hair mousse, start from the roots then carefully work your way down. Flip your head down before blow-drying your hair and remember to direct the air flow close to the roots.
  4. Don’t use too much hair mousse for volume as this will make your hair look unnatural and dirty.
  5. Be adventurous! It’s nice to experiment with a crimped hairstyle once in a while as this usually adds the perfect volume for most people. Remember to crimp your hair from the roots because this is where volume is lacking most of the time.
  6. To get instant volume for your hair correctly, use a rat tail comb and start near the roots backcombing toward the end of the hair. Be very careful when combing so that there will be minimum damage to your locks.
  7. Want to get instant volume for your hair fast and easy? Try using a clip in hair extension. Blend the hair extension naturally with your tresses by using a natural hair extension.

Hair volume when done right can give you a healthy hair look aside from making you look more beautiful. Just remember, an instant volume for your hair must give you chic and plush look—a hair that is not too bulky but also not too fine. It should be something in between. Have a great hair day!


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