7 Wedding Makeup To Look Stunning


Ah, weddings! The very day when everything around you is so awesome-crazy, chaotic, YET you, the bride should stay, well – sane. With all the difficult decisions you’ve made throughout the wedding preparation, probably the wedding make-up is one of the crucial ones. After all, your wedding is one of the most-photographed days of your life. As the star of the event, you want to look your best in all those pictures! Here are 7 wedding makeup looks to try during your makeup trial.

1. The seductive berry look – All it takes is putting on a soft shade of pink on your cheeks, faintly lined lids and a wine-colored lip. While keeping the face fresh and radiant is no rocket science, the lip color, however, requires some tricks and the right trick has something to do with your skin tone.

Seductive Berry Look
  • Fair skin – Choose a dark lip color but sheer.
  • Medium skin tones – Lucky you as you can get away with a richer, truer berry.
  • Dark skin – Choose a deep color that won’t blend in with your skin.

2. The well-rested look – Although we know that catching a wink is quite impossible the night before your wedding, there’s a make up a look that does a magical job. The secret is a white liner. Apply a white liner to the top of your lids and blend it in to create a faint hint. Then using a black liner, trace your top lash line and note that ONLY your top lash line and nothing else. Sweep up a peach cream shade on your cheeks and try a peach or glossy, pink lipstick.

3. Sunset shadow – A sunset shadow like blazing oranges, pinks and reds, is perfect for a sunset wedding as it doesn’t look too soft and not too bold, but would exude just the right glow. Whip up a warm tinge by mixing orange and red lipstick. Spread this blend over the lids and creases with your fingers. The darker your skin tone, the stronger you can go with an orange shade. Orange is flattering on the eyes and it isn’t selective of your eye color, whether it’s brown, green or blue.

Sunset shadow Makeup

4. Brown Smoky Eyes – Yes, if this is your thing, you can do this on your wedding. Try sweeping an apricot brush over your cheeks. Then, apply a soft pink shade layered with a clear gloss onto your lips.

5. The natural, lighter look – This look is perfect for outdoor weddings. A good tip here is to apply a more intense eyeliner along the outer corner of your eyes. Choose a light pink color or peach blush for your cheeks and soft, bright pink lipstick.

6. The Dazzling Dusty Rose – For a girly yet elegant finish, sweep a dusty rose shade on your lids and cheeks and a glossy mauve shade on your lips.

The dazzling dusty rose

7. Clumpy lashes and faux freckles – This dainty makeup look is perfect for fair skin. Hold your brush parallel to the lashes and brush it back and forth (like how a windshield-wiper moves) to get them crumpy. The freckles can be replicated naturally using three different-colored pencils. Press the blunt tips of the pencils into the skin to create dots, distributing them over your nose and cheeks randomly for a more realistic effect. Use a light foundation and keep lips toned down for a more innocent-looking visage.


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