7 Winter Fashion Essentials to Try This 2015


Most people really enjoy the summer and have quite a variety of fashion for this weather. However when winter comes most are so confused and are not sure of what to wear. Some just put on anything that prevents cold without considering how they look. It is always brilliant to put on outstanding outfit even if no one pays attention on the looks. Does the winter wardrobe stress you? Your answer would definitely be a big yes! Guess what? This coming winter you do not need to crack your mind on what to wear because below are the fashion essentials for winter 2015;

1. Combination Of Skinny Jeans And Cashmere Pull Over

Skinny jeans are one of the flexible lower outfits that prevent you from feeling cold on a chilly winter season. When combined with cashmere sweater it gives a full outfit that shield the body from exposure to cold. Skinny jeans are not only worn during the winter but also during any other weather since it doesn’t make you feel extremely hot because it tightly clings to the body. Apart from the cashmere sweater it can be worn with quite a variety of top outfit. Cashmere sweater is specifically worn during winter and those cold nights and chilly mornings. A bright blouse which protrudes at the lower parts looks amazing when blended together. So try this and never look shaggy during winter

2. Heavy Warm Scarf

A scarf is always meant to protect the areas around the neck and the chest but most importantly is part of the fashion. There are two kinds of scarves; the thin scarf that covers the areas around the neck and the wider scarf that covers up to the chest and some parts of the hand. It is not only trendy but a common outfit that is worn by people during cold weathers like winter and any other cold time for those countries who do not experience winter. Blanket scarf is the most common among women and is the one that covers up to the hands. It can be worn by throwing anyhow over the shoulder or by wrapping it around the body. Thinner scarf looks prettier when worn by men than the wider scarf. It can be worn by wrapping around the neck with the two edges hanging in front or at the back or one edge in front and the other at the back.

3. Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Just from the word leather, these jackets are purely made from leather. They come in two major colors; black and brown but there are also other colors. Leather jacket can be worn with skirts, trousers and is common among both the sexes. It makes one look classy and trendy on a chilly season. Neither snow nor rain can easily penetrate into this jacket, hence keeping you dry and very comfortable. Above all, its durability is not something to be questioned. It can give your service for over three winter seasons.

4. Boots That Cover Above The Knee

We have all along been concerned with covering all other parts of the body forgetting the toes. Over knee boots will definitely serve this purpose. It covers the legs right from the toe to the area above the knee making it very suitable for wearing during winter especially when walking above the snow. It is often worn with short dresses and skinny jeans. There is also another kind of boots referred to as the ankle boots since it covers the toes to the ankle. It is stylish and can be worn with a trouser, skirt, dress or even a tight. Boots are very common among the ladies therefore for a lady to look trendy and still keep warm blend the boots with your outfit.

5. Full Neck Tops

Full Neck Tops

These are the tops that cover up to the areas around the neck. It is worn with either trousers or dresses and is not fully meant for only winter. It can also be an outfit on cold morning walk to the office. Both men and women look outstanding in this outfit.

6. Trench Coats

This is one of the most stylish cold prevention solutions. There are trench coats for both male and females. It is majorly worn with trouser but can also be worn with dresses depending on individual’s sense of style. If you want to look so charming on a chilly day try trench coats and get back to me.

7. Knitted Sweater Dress

It appears more like a pull over than a dress but is referred to as a dress because it is longer than the normal sweater. It can be worn with stockings and boots but most people prefer wearing it with over knee boots. It is a fashionable outfit for a chilly weather but may not be worn on formal occasions.


It is always good to look presentable and fashionable everyday throughout your life. Weather change should not be a reason for you to ignore your stylish nature because solutions are readily available.


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