7 Worst Celebrity Makeup Disaster


We all have makeup failures, even celebrities who have teams of people assembling their hair and makeup before they make a public appearance. Sometimes you think something looks amazing and it turns out completely the opposite of the look that you were going for. There are also times when you completely forget a step.

The worst celebrity fail is definitely when Amy Childs, former reality star from The Only Way Is Essex, forgot to blend her under eye highlighter. Instead of giving her the subtle shimmer and extra bit of light that under eye highlighter is supposed to give you, it was a stark stripe of white. However, there have been plenty of other celebrity makeup fails and we are giving you a list that includes some of the worst ones!

Here we go with 7 worst celebrity makeup disaster.

1. Avril Lavigne’s Pink Eyelashes

Avril Lavignes pink eyelashes

Avril Lavigne’s crazy looks were cute in the early 2000’s when she rose to fame as a punk pop princess. However, her zany style isn’t as cute now that she is an adult. Her worst recent makeup look is when she stepped out on the red carpet with hot pink false lashes on. Instead of looking cool they just look crazy. There are far less obvious ways to insert her rocker chick attitude into her look that don’t involve pink hair streaks or pink eyelashes for that matter. Her style needs some major updating.

2. Kim Kardashians cakey foundation

Kim Kardashian is known for her flawless makeup that highlight the fantastic bone structure of her face and her naturally amazing eyelashes. Her makeup is usually on point and leaves us dying to know her makeup secrets. However even Kim Kardashian makes mistakes with makeup every now and then.

She made an appearance wearing cherry red lipstick that did nothing to flatter her complexion, eyelashes that were coated with so much mascara that they looked like spider legs, and terrible cakey foundation. Her foundation and powder were so thick that it appeared as though she had on about four layers of foundation. It left here with skin that looked fake and unnatural.

3. Miley Cyrus highlighter around her lip

One great tip to perfect a bold lip is to apply a little bit of concealer around your mouth where you lipstick ends. It draws the eye to your lips and gets rid of any lipstick that you may have gotten around your mouth. When Miley Cyrus was using this method on a bold red lip she forgot to blend. When the light of the cameras captured her photo they images picked up on all of the unblended highlighter around her mouth.

4. Kelly Osborne’s gothic days

Although Kelly Osborne has become a style icon she was not always so fashionable. In her younger days Kelly Osborne used to sport a dramatic gothic look that did nothing to flatter her striking face. She went for super pale foundation, dark eyes, and even darker lips. Instead of highlighting her natural beauty she was covering it up under layers of dark, garish makeup.

5. Nicki Minaj’s green eyeshadow and overly lined lip

Nicki Minajs green eyeshadow

Nicki Minaj is known for her over the top looks and they usually work for her when paired with her over the top personality. However, even this outspoken pop singer can go too far. She stepped out on the red carpet with neon green eyeshadow and bubble gum pink lipstick on top of lip liner that was not blended out. You could see the line of her lip liner through the pink lipstick which is a big no when it comes to makeup.

6. Lady Gaga’s white out eyebrows

Lady Gaga is another pop star that is known for her wild looks but this look is just all wrong. She recently began dying her eyebrows a white blonde color that makes them almost invisible and pairing the look with nude lips and pale foundation. It makes her face look very strange. The eyebrows help to frame the face and to define it. Without eyebrows, a defining lip, and without any contouring her face starts to blend together and you can’t make out its features.

7. Taylor Momsen’s red eyeshadow and dark lipstick

Taylor Momsen is known for portraying Jenny Humphrey on the hit teen show Gossip Girl, upon her departure from the show she joined the rock group Pretty Reckless and took on a whole new look that featured dramatic smoky eyes, leather jackets, and band tees.

Here dramatic makeup usually looks very cool and effortless but she recently wore a smoky eye that was a bit different from her usual black eyeshadow. This smoky eye was created with red eye shadow that was blended all around the top and bottom of her eye. It would have been great for zombie makeup for Halloween but not for everyday wear.

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In conclusion

Although celebrities are known for their glamor even they have blunders when it comes to makeup. Learn from their makeup mistakes and don’t make these mistakes when you are doing your own makeup.


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