8 Brilliant Ways to Match Your Make up with your Accessories


A stylist can help you bring out a good outlook after giving you guidelines on how to go about your accessories if you are poor in it. There are many people who are so perfect in matching their accessories and makeup without the help of a stylist and bring out a gorgeous look. At times matching makeup with another perspective purple dress looks great with pink lipstick. Matching does not always mean that you wear similar colors all over the body from head to toe hence. However you can try matching lipstick with the color of your fingernails, another alternative is the color of the earrings being similar to that of the handbag. The following are some of the brilliant ways you can match your makeup with accessories:

1. Stick to one color palette – This means that the color of your cosmetic must be the same with the clothes to give a uniform look. If concentrating on a specific color makes you feel your look is not balanced, you need to stick to color genres for best match.

2. Embrace shimmer – when wearing a shimmery color like silver or gold you can add a little sparkle to your makeup. A light shimmer powder on cheeks will make you look gorgeous. Silver is such a sexy shade on both your body and eyes. This shimmer powder should be applied lightly and do not overdo it.

3. Say yes to yellow, but think pink – Yellow can be fun and fashionable but it can also wash you out. Example: wearing a yellow dress with an orange and yellow eye shadow being the same color palette. Many people do not like yellow color simply because it looks fun but the fact is yellow make up when matched with other colors like orange dress makes you look awesome. However, think pink, but keep the overall colors soft and subtle.

4. Do not be too literal – When matching makeup to your clothes, stick to one feature only. Every person has his own taste and what you think is good may be bad to someone else example a black and white cloth, eyes and hair may a bit be far from your taste. When it comes to your hair, if you need to play with color try a clip-on extension that compliments your own hair color.

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5. Do not avoid color all together – white is such a clean and bright shade to wear during all seasons. When wearing all white, be sure to add a pop of color in both your makeup like a bright eye shadow and your accessories. For example: in times of mourning people wear black color which should be highlighted with a bright color such as white or blue. These bright colors help to reduce the mourning mood created by black.

6. Wear complementary colors – The likes of pink and browns, are combinations fit for a queen. You should not wear clothes with colors which clash with the color on your make up. Every time make sure that you first coordinate your accessories with make-up you wish to apply so that your outfit is good. The style of matching anything and everything when done well, color-coordinating your makeup, outfit and accessories can give gorgeous results. Some colors give an official outlook such as a combination of blue and black, purple and navy blue, white and grey etc.

7. Pick one area to spotlight – When coordinating your makeup and your outfit, it is easy to go overboard. For you to have a perfect balance, pick one area of your makeup look to make a statement and keep the rest natural.

8. Do not get hung up on creating the perfect match – When matching your make up with accessories you do not need to find an exact shade match when color coordinating your looks, you simply need to look for shades in the same color family with similar under tones to get the right effect. If you are wearing a colorful outfit, make sure your fashion accessories do not clash.


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The scale of your fashion accessories is important. When you are wearing patterns, simple accessories are the best option. The shape of your handbag is also important, so consider your body type in addition to what you are wearing. For one to look acceptable you are supposed to match both your make up and accessories. The way you match your makeup and your accessories can make you pass or fail a certain interview. In public addressing the way you relate your make up and accessories creates attention to the listeners while in the other hand, the attention of the listeners can be drawn away due to color clashing. Makeup and accessories need not to be expensive for you to look gorgeous.


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