8 Fashion Miss at Cannes Film Festival 2015


Cannes Film Festival marks the beginning of the awards season and it’s only expected that stars would look their best as they grace the red carpet down South of France for the whole world to see. Thus it is also considered an important event in the fashion industry where the invited can flaunt the artists who work behind who they’re wearing.

Anyone who works for fashion (fashion editors, designers, stylists, photographers, etc) watch this event like a hawk as the most stunning actors and actresses and models pose their most glamorous versions in front of the cameras. Cannes fashion can be as cruel as any major red carpet event with fashion critics waiting to jump at someone who’s disqualified in the standards of fashion.

Here are the biggest blunders in the world’s most important event this time of the year:

  • 1. Marion Cotillard. Although it’s not the actress’ first or second time to be part of the Cannes Film Festival season, this year is definitely not her strongest. She was upstaged by model Jourdan Dunn who looked ravishing in a black couture by Ralph & Russo in her own film premiere. The Dior ambassador wore a blue mini dress of the same design house that didn’t complement her gorgeous figure at all.
  • Sienna Miller
  • 2. Sienna Miller. Another big personality who missed hitting the right marks with her awkward layered gown at the Macbeth premiere. For a person who is considered an icon in fashion, this is regrettable.
  • 3. Irina Shayk. This stunning model suffered a fashion blunder wearing an Atelier Versace in a premiere where everyone else opted for a subtle style.
  • 4. Natalie Portman. The Director/ actress managed to fail impressing the film critics for her film “A Tale of Love and Darkness” and the fashion critics for her Rodarte dress, which succeeded in making her look old beyond her actual age.
  • 5. Charlotte Vandermeersch. The actress managed to raise eyebrows in her bright and sheer mismatched ensemble. How she managed to even survive the premiere without melting from embarrassment was a wonder.
  • Cannes Film Festival 2015
  • 6. Erin O’Connor. The actress wore a Ralph & Russo design that unfortunately failed to deliver the expected reaction. She looked like a Christmas present with that big bow, out of time and over the top even in this usually glamorous event.
  • 7. Gigi Hadid. The models didn’t impress fashion critics with her Tom Ford long sleeved gown that seemed to be succeeding in making her look like she’s missing a midriff. It revealed quite a lot of cleavage, making her look tasteless.
  • 8. Salma Hayek. When she attended the Women in Motion event, she wore a dress that drowned her signature curves. It’s with heavy patterns paired with clunky heels that overall delivered a blah style, if not at all eek.

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