8 Hacks to Get Best of Your Mascara


Whenever you purchase a tube of mascara, you have one purpose in mind: to get longer and thicker lashes. However the route to this end is not always smooth. Barriers like clumping, mascara that wears off too quickly or even lashes that straighten too fast are always present. This is why you will need strategies to navigate these stumbling blocks to attain that flawless mascara look. Some of these strategies include:

Changing You Mascara Often

Ideally, you should discard your tube of mascara after a maximum of three months. This is to avoid infection s from bacteria that may have accumulated on the brush. The constant contact between the brush, your skin and the tube may lead to accumulation of bacteria that can cause infections. Now am sure you don’t fancy getting any infections especially around the face; this is why you should change your mascara often preferably on a monthly basis. Another reason for changing your mascara is because fresh mascara is easier to apply because its wetter. Applying mascara should not leave you with heaps or rather, mountains of mascara on your lashes. This can be averted by using fresh mascara that is both wetter and more liquid.

Getting Rid Of the Clumping

Sometimes after applying you mascara you may notice some small heaps on you lashes. This can be as a result of the mascara being dry or the brush having scooped too much from the tube. Good thing is that you can easily rectify this by running a clean toothbrush over your lashes. This will help comb away the excess formula. Notice the emphasis on a new toothbrush. A used toothbrush should not be used as it can lead to infections. An alternative would be to glide your mascara brush (after dipping in the tube) over a piece of cloth to remove the excess formula.

Reviving Dry Mascara

At times mascara may become a bit dry especially when it is almost finished. When mascara becomes dry, it may not give you a smooth application and is more likely to get clumped. This is why you will need to add saline drops to make it more liquid. If you have no saline, you can dip the mascara tube in hot water to help melt it. This will make it easy for you to apply and reduce chances of clumping.

Apply More Mascara at the Roots and Less on The Tips

More Mascara on Curly Lashes

When applying your mascara, purpose to apply more at the roots and then comb towards the tips. This will help get curly lashes that will last longer. Here you can use a curler to ensure you get those ultimate curls. Heat your curler (moderately you don’t want to burn your face) using your blow dry for curly lashes. Even for you who does not own a curler, you can use a metallic spoon to curl your eyelashes. You just need to place the outside part of the spoon under the eye lashes and then apply. Its curved nature will help curl the eye lashes. Remember to apply more at the roots and lesser at the tips to avoid straightening.

Varying Your Brush Holding Positions for Different Effects

During application, you can run your brush either vertically or horizontally depending on what effects you are aiming at. When you are targeting voluminous lashes, hold your brush horizontally and run the brush over the width of the lashes. do this on both sides of the lashes in order to complement this thicker look.

On the other hand, you hold the brush vertically and run it over the length of your eyelashes when you are targeting longer and natural looking lashes. See, when commercials promise you longer and thicker lashes, they don’t lie. You just need to master the art of changing holding positions to get both effects.

Apply At Least Two Coats

For mascara to give you those thick lashes, you may need to apply more than one coat. This can however be hard as the mascara may not have a firm grip on the lashes. To avert this, apply baby powder after the first coat. This will help increase the grip as well as make the lashes look thicker. It will also be easier to apply the second coat.

Two Coats Mascara

Apply a Coat of Waterproof Mascara over Your Normal Formula

After applying your regular mascara, it is advisable to apply a layer of waterproof mascara. This is in order to ensure your curls last longer; your mascara does not smear off and for easier removal at the end of the day. Waterproof mascara will help hold your look in place and still make it easy for you to remove it.

Get Ways of Managing Mascara Spills

Mascara may be a must have make up item but it should only be reserved for eye lashes. It would not be flattering to have mascara stains on your face. This is why it is advisable to hold a spoon under your lower lashes as you apply mascara so that any stray mascara falls on the spoon and not on your skin. However in the event that it touches your skin, wait for it to dry then use a cotton swab to remove it. Handling it wet may become a bit messy.


Mascara, like all beauty products is a life saver. It helps us get the ideal eye lashes, but only if we use it correctly. The aforementioned hacks are some of the strategies that will help ensure that your mascara gives you nothing but the very best.


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