8 Surprisingly Simple Dry Hair Care Tips, Fabulous Results!


Don’t you just love styling your hair? Growing it long and cutting it short again, coloring those strands blonde then turning them into red then blonde again. Are you also a big fan of soft, curly ends but like to wear your hair straight and long on some days?

Your everyday styling – or, the lack of it — is what’s caused your hair to turn dry, frizzy and damage. Is there a way to turn it back to it’s healthy state? Of course there is. Just follow these 8 tips to healthier, shinier hair that won’t let you down:

Dry Hair Care Tips

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Washing strips off your hair and scalp the natural oil your strands need to stay healthy. The harsher hair products you use, the more likely these will dry up your scalp and hair.

2. Go for dry shampoo on no wash days. So you’ve heard about no wash days before but you just can’t seem to get used to it — all that oil and sweat and dirt locked up up there Eeew! Contrary to what you might think, your hair and scalp eventually gets used to the routine and gradually adjust oil production as you keep practicing it. However, if it is such as big issue, use dry shampoo. These products revitalize your crown too.

3. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. “Permed”, “heat treated”, “dry” and “damaged” were not just thought up to go on your favorite shampoo bottle’s label, you know. It can be tricky to pick up the right products that suit you but looking at this main classification is a good start.

4. Rinse your hair with carbonated water. All those products from when you wash to when you style leave nasty residues on your strands that cause you to have frizzy hair and split ends. Sulfates, conditioners and other haircare ingredients cover your scalp, making it hard for it to breathe. Washing your hair with carbonated water cracks the buildup then washes these away.

5. Keep heat styling to a minimum. One of the most damaging hairstyling techniques around, heat damages the very makeup of each of your strands. Never style without cold drying your hair first.

6. Don’t get your hair chemically treated. As much as you can help it, stay off the perming and straightening treatments, as well as hair coloring. If you have protruding grey hair, however, that may be harder to do.

7. Deep condition with coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally capable of deep moisturizing your hair and scalp in a relatively short period of time. Treat your hair to this wonderful retreat every night.

8. Use a leave on conditioner. Use it regularly to keep your otherwise unruly hair strands in place but, more importantly, to keep your hair’s moisture locked and provide even more deep conditioning from roots to tips.


Stop hating your hair! There is a way to tame it and all it takes is your commitment to start today.


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